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How to Choose the Right Tools to Work Remote Featured

How to Choose the Right Tools to Work Remote

By Author: Team Agora In Business

Are you planning to join the ranks of remote workers? This fast-growing segment of the job market is appealing to a variety of companies and their employees. How do you choose the right tools to stay in touch with staff and clients? While nothing beats face-to-face communication, today’s technology is helping remote labor keep and make real connections with customers and colleagues.

From project management to video chat API, learn how to choose the best programs with this handy infographic. Whether from home or on the road, turn your smartphone into a powerful communication tool that’s capable of real-time video chat. Replace texts and emails with a face for more personal conversations, while you cut down on travel time and save money for both the client and your business.

Find out which system works across a variety of platforms, from Linex to macOS using video chat SDK’s. Interact just like you would in the board room, with interactive applications, high-quality video, and crystal-clear voice capabilities. When you equip yourself with the right remote applications, you really can meet anyone anywhere in the world without having to worry about cross-platform support.

Start your remote assignment out on the right foot. Discover how to choose the latest in advanced web-based tools and select a project management system that keeps your virtual team connected. With role-based features, collaborative editing, plus time and tracking management, stay up-to-date with cloud-based storage options and powerful communication tools. What are you waiting for? Check out our detailed infographic to learn how.