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How to Boost User Engagement with Better Conversations featured

How to Boost User Engagement with Better Conversations

By Author: Corey Brown In Business

Many software applications are unaware of the strides modern chat tools are making in real-time engagement strategies.

Real-time chat is one of the most effective strategies to engage users while keeping them connected and informed.

For any software application, improving user engagement provides impressive benefits. Apps with higher engagement see increased session times, lower abandonment rates, and better retention. Studies show that apps that communicate with users through an alternative channel, such as in-app messaging, increase retention by 130% within the first two months.

Learn how innovative chat tools in your app will take your business to the next level.

Go Beyond Simple Text

Leverage rich multi-media chat features that go beyond simple text messages. This will increase engagement and keep conversations rolling.

Today’s users expect more out of their online chat experiences. Basic text messaging isn’t enough to keep people engaged. Including even just an image is shown to increase the likelihood that a user will respond by 57%.

Give your users the opportunity to share images, gifs, videos, and more. For example, remote learning apps can share courseware with students, or use chat to assign work. Companies that aren’t allowing users to connect with modern chat functionality are missing out on longer session times, higher engagement rates, and ultimately – revenue.

Make Chat Conversational

Real human-to-human conversation is more than an exchange of sentences. Allow users to connect with each other by sharing thoughts, feelings, information, and more.
Improve overall in-app retention and conversions by supplementing digital conversations with modern chat features like message reactions, message threading, typing indicators, and more.

These simple ways of communication are easier than writing out full messages and reduce friction in the user experience. This will empower users to engage and connect through more meaningful conversations.

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Create Community

Create community within your application by giving users the ability to connect on a personal level, or in larger groups. Group messaging enables users to share their experiences with others and create a sense of connection and belonging.

Group chats also allow users to congregate around shared interests or goals. This means that people will naturally find others with common interests and develop more meaningful connections. As these connections strengthen so does the stickiness of your app.
Pro Tip: Use moderation tools to keep chat experiences pleasant. Filter out inappropriate language and images manually, or leverage new AI moderation tools.

Cross International Barriers

Empower users to connect, regardless of their native language. Compared to audio or video, in-app messaging presents a unique opportunity to use translation tools to cross international barriers.

Apps with an international user base should allow users to translate messages and communicate in any language. Tools like Agora Chat allow users to translate messages instantaneously or on-demand.

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Enhance Live Video & Audio

If you already have live video or audio as a part of your application, adding real-time chat will create a more engaging and immersive experience for your users. Use call signaling through chat to initiate one-on-one video or voice calls. Users can benefit from a truly immersive real-time communication experience.

For live events, users can break out into smaller chat groups or share information and resources that supplement the live experience – rather than being a passive participant.

For example, live gaming broadcasts can allow viewers to interact with the host by sending messages, tips, or virtual gifts. This keeps audience members more engaged and enables entirely new ways to monetize your application.

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Learn How to Boost Engagement with Modern Chat Tools

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