How Screen Sharing is Connecting People in Real-Time

Have you ever tried to plan a trip with friends or decide where to go to dinner and end up sending too many screenshots?

Online screen sharing makes life easier and is gaining popularity. It is a convenient way to share data and collaborate with friends and colleagues from across the street or across the globe. We often use screen sharing in meetings for business. The use of online screen sharing has proved to be beneficial for many companies, as it creates opportunity and increases productivity.

Let’s look at some of the ways screen sharing is transforming the way we engage.

Technology, Lightbeam  – Lightbeam is an innovative cross-platform screen sharing app, that lets you connect from your mobile (Android and iOS) and share your media consumption with friends, in real-time. This collaborative screen sharing app allows you to connect with your friends while you do what you do online. With Lightbeam screen sharing, you can get advice on purchases you’re contemplating from trusted friends, a group of friends around the country can book travel together or plan a celebration together. Maybe your mom needs help troubleshooting her new iPad or iPhone settings. Clear video chat, voice/audio chat, and chat messaging allow you to connect with your favorite subject matter expert, wherever they may be.

Accounting – Intuit Turbo Tax added year-round access to experienced certified public accountants (CPAs) or enrolled agents (EAs) via video chat in addition to a review of your return before you file. Customers can review a document together, gain a better understanding of why their taxes may have increased or get general advice. Screen sharing for accounting is brilliant, as not all of us like doing creative math with our free time.


Tele-Health – The American Telemedicine Administration (ATA), is a billion dollar industry with innovative virtual health care companies like Zipnosis, Bright MD, Virtwell and DOXIVA all using screen sharing and AI to provide faster asynchronous care to their patients. Screen sharing saves time and allows telemedicine platforms to provide patients faster care with convenience – from the comfort of their own home. This benefits the patients overall experience while reducing physician burnout from cancelled and missed appointments.

EdTech – Kid’s ask the craziest questions, and in case you don’t know everything, EdTech is dedicated to empower children, supplement education and provide equal access. The EdTech market is expected to hit around $129 Billion in 2020. EdTech companies like Vivi, aim to improve student engagement in the classroom by using video chat and screen sharing features to teach new skills in the digital age and revolutionize teaching. Internet-based methods of teaching, known as Massive Online Open Courses or MOOC’s, feature screen sharing to enhance user experience. There are inspirational EdTech data platforms like TORSH, that provide teachers with video-based online communities where more experienced teachers can help less seasoned teachers from remote and challenged regions improve by providing observation, coaching, and positive feedback.

These industries are transforming businesses into collaborative activities that people have a need for. They are optimizing how we engage, personally and professionally. Screen sharing is an efficient tool that is disrupting business and connecting people all over the world.