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How Retailers Can Create Their Own Amazon Live Video Experiences Featured

How Retailers Can Create Their Own Amazon Live Video Experiences

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The live video shopping experience has become a new normal for online shoppers in Asia who frequent platforms like Tmall and Taobao, but it’s now gaining momentum in the United States and the West as more companies experiment with the technology.

Amazon recently announced the launch of Amazon Live, a “home-shopping streaming-video hub” on its website and app. While the retailer has experimented with live streaming in the past, the move represents a new chapter for the company and its investment in live video. Amazon’s not the only retail giant taking advantage of the power of live video, however. For the past few years, QVC has been streaming its shows online, and in 2016, e-commerce sales accounted for nearly half ($4 billion) of the home shopping network’s annual revenue.

As more consumers begin to look to live video to do their shopping online, e-commerce retailers should look to live video broadcasting for new opportunities to interact and engage with their customers all over the world while opening up new channels of revenue.

Here are a few tips for creating your own live video broadcasting experience﹘no Amazon seller account required.

Add Value Through Your Video Content

Though Amazon Live has only been “live” for a short time, retailers have already taken to the platform, posting a variety of live content. From professionally-produced cooking segments to casual, funny toy demonstrations, each retailer brings their unique products, perspective, and style to their videos.

While there is no right or wrong to live broadcast, every live video a brand or retailer releases should add value to the audience. How-to demonstrations and tutorials are popular among fashion and beauty retailers, as they show shoppers how they can incorporate a particular product into an outfit or makeup look. On the other hand, a fireside chat may be useful for a retailer that is introducing a new service to the market and wants to spark more conversation about it. No matter the type of content, whether it be a daily product show or a quarterly fashion show, live video broadcasting is a way for brands and retailers to inform, entertain, and bring value to their customers in new, authentic ways.

Make it Easy for Customers to Interact and Shop

One of the most useful Amazon Live features is the image that appears at the bottom of each broadcast. Instead of having to search the Amazon website for the particular product mentioned in the video, viewers can just click “see more details” and buy it directly.

Brands and retailers should take a cue from Amazon Live and customize their live broadcasts with easy-to-access product information and links to ensure customers know where to find their goods and services. Social share buttons also encourage viewers to share their finds with friends and family.

One feature Amazon Live does not yet utilize is real-time interactive video and voice chat, where buyers directly interact and communicate with the seller. By allowing shoppers to actively engage with the content, ask their questions, and provide their feedback through live video and voice, retailers can encourage more participation, as well as obtain useful information that will help them tweak their broadcasts to better connect with customers.

Create a Customized Live Video Experience

While Amazon Live offers retailers and brands a new way to reach shoppers, it’s only available to Amazon sellers in the U.S, excluding a large portion of e-commerce retailers from participating. Also, because the platform is hosted by Amazon, retailers can’t personalize the user experience outside of the video content itself.

By integrating a solution like Agora’s live video SDK into their platforms or applications, retailers of any size and location can build live audio and video broadcast experiences that are unique to their business’s products, services, and brand voice.

Agora is helping e-commerce retailers and clients across a variety of industries, including social, gaming, and education, connect with the customers, and build new revenue channels through meaningful real-time engagement experiences. Want to learn more about our live video, voice, and interactive broadcasting services? Talk to our team.