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Forging Innovative Inroads With ICE London 2020! Featured

Forging Innovative Inroads With ICE London 2020!

By Author: Team Agora In Business

The Ice London 2020 innovation conference drew in thousands of professionals across varying industries who presented innovations for the gaming sector. The Agora team made a great presence and shared the exhibition hall with some notable players in the gambling and gaming industries – GGBet, Play’n GO, RedTiger Gaming, Scientific Games, European Casino Union and many more. As businesses rediscover unique ways of attracting new audiences while increasing user retention Agora continues to make fantastic advances in delivering powerful impact for audience engagement and customer satisfaction.

Today’s gaming and gambling companies are evolving from the traditional live event or broadcasting and are adopting hi-res video and live streaming options to not only keep users engaged, but reach new grounds. It’s a no brainer why the Agora team took to showcase our platform to enlighten attendees of the possibilities of real-time communications and engagement as a huge potential to their new or existing portfolio.

To keep you informed on the latest developments on how gaming and gambling are being transformed by our technology, we wanted to highlight a few key parts from the recent event and our projections in the coming years.

Welcome to the Era of iGaming!

iGaming is how this new sector of the gaming industry is being referred to, especially as marketing creatives are discovering the immense potential this demographic has to offer.

One of the bigger potentials of interactive experiences is in the AR/VR space. Those go beyond immersive amusement park rides or fitness apps and are growing to include lucrative approaches to VR eSports, allowing for interactive betting and other gambling on online sporting events.

Gambling operators are now working to develop their own real-time communication, live-streaming apps and platforms to avoid the media monopoly centered on YouTube and other primary content channels. This lets the operators maintain higher control over their platforms while providing more direct, positive user experiences.

Our RTM capabilities would allow for secure data transmission that enables online gambling and other gaming transactions. Agora’s ultra-low latency network also certainly lets clearing houses transmit betting orders without delay or error.

Going Mobile in iGaming

Apps are already big business, and few businesses are bigger than gaming and gambling. The more people are connected, the more they will want to know that those connections are secure and seamless.

Major Latin American horse racing, dog racing, and lottery operators who have shifted towards mobile usage have seen an increase in eased mobile app usage and live-streaming interfaces. This helps operators capture more users and keep them engaged and entertained while watching gaming events.

Alongside LATAM is APAC, where we saw increased use of mobile-based virtual casinos and web-based casino interfaces.

Logistics and Learning Solutions

On the back-end of gambling and gaming companies, it’s less concern about the players themselves and more about finding efficient ways to teach employees and operators on how to better run the gaming platforms. Dealers who want to discover the basics of gaming, casino operations, and proper table etiquette can do so via online classroom settings, with the same real-time video/audio interface that Agora is helping to enable.

And when operators are dealing with players over mobile apps and web browsers, being able to have real-time chat interfaces are providing much more effective in resolving cases quickly and positively.

Help for When Gaming Goes Wrong

One cautionary area of a booming online gaming industry is the proliferation of gaming addiction around the world. However, even while gambling addicts might have more outlets for their unhealthy behavior, these same mobile apps are being used to empower them to find a better path.

Gambling addiction apps are growing increasingly popular, giving addicts a private and secure interface through which they can seek the help they need to recover—and virtual accountability that helps them stay on track.

Our iGaming Clients

Agora is constantly seeking out new partners who know how to best take advantage of our RTM capabilities in the iGaming sphere. One includes Velo Partners/RNG Foundry, a casino gaming VC and accelerator with several popular UK-based game studios in their portfolios. They did not know that Agora was the platform powering the video in their apps and were ecstatic when we told them.

iGaming Academy is another example, one of the largest casino/sportsbook corporate training platforms that teach employees about compliance, anti-money laundering, sportsbook and online casino management providers. They have over 30,000 students per year and are interested in learning more about the educational use cases we have.

Agora continues to lead the way in the real-time communication landscape of gaming and online gambling. We’re excited to connect with new partners and open up new doors of growth opportunities as we continue to explore the igaming industry and all it has to offer—and everything Agora can do for it.

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