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Agora Native SDK 4.0 Release featured

Flexible, Simple, Powerful: Introducing SDK 4.0 for Voice and Video

By Author: Virginia Liu In Developer, Product

Agora has been helping developers expand the possibilities for user experience in real-time engagement applications for the last decade. As real-time engagement has evolved, we’ve moved from helping developers explore the potential of real-time voice and video to expanding their use of it and now looking to differentiate real-time experiences.

Developers need more flexibility to build innovative applications while organizations require future-proof solutions to remain competitive in this changing landscape of online engagement.

In response to the needs of the developers and businesses we support, we’ve redesigned our Voice and Video SDKs to allow you to build unique, immersive real-time experiences with more control and less effort.

The new SDK opens up a new world of possibilities for developers. Here are the key advantages of our next generation SDK:

Flexible: Customize endlessly with an open, modular architecture

To enable differentiation and innovation, Agora’s philosophy is to give developers all the powerful building blocks they need to create a truly unique experience. To achieve this, our new Voice and Video SDKs adopt a more open and modular architecture, making it easier to customize and add advanced features with more granular controls of the voice and video pipeline.

Developers can modify individual real-time audio and video components without affecting other parts of their codebase. This allows you to build unique and complex interactive use cases more efficiently. For example, you can now easily create multiple audio and video tracks that enables joining multiple channels at the same time or simultaneously publishing multiple camera streams and screenshare in a single channel.

Simple: Add new features quickly and easily with Extensions Marketplace

With full access to Agora’s Extensions Marketplace, you can rapidly integrate best-in-class 1st- and 3rd-party audio and video extensions. Extensions offer the ability to quickly add new functionality to your real-time experience, from 3D spatial audio to video face filters.

Browse the Extensions Gallery to discover an ecosystem of powerful features that can be activated with a click and integrated with just few lines of code. Payment and management for all your extensions is available in one unified interface. There’s no limit to the number of extensions you can add to give your users a more unique experience.

Powerful: Provide a more immersive audio and video experience

As the demand for immersive real-time audio and video increases, developers need a powerful network and platform to ensure quality of experience for users. Agora enables these immersive experiences by optimizing our software-defined real time network (SD-RTN) to make it resilient to poor network conditions and low-powered devices.

The latest SDK release enables you to give your users higher definition real-time audio and video experience, with lower device resource consumption. Enhancements include support for 4k video and higher audio quality with 3D spatial audio and AI noise suppression.

Agora is dedicated to making everything from our technology to our documentation developer friendly. To help you get up and running with the new SDK faster, we’ve also redesigned our Docs experience. The new task-based architecture, runnable code, and step-by-step testing instructions make it easier than ever to build with Agora.

We can’t wait to see what you will build with Agora’s voice and video SDK 4.0!

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