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Congratulations to the Winners of the RTE2020 Hackathon Featured

Congratulations to the Winners of the RTE2020 Hackathon

By Author: William Du In Developer

Over the past few weeks, we hosted the RTE2020 hackathon. We were very impressed by the amount of innovative projects that used the Agora platform, which include a watch party app, an interactive shooting game, a live-translation app, and an AR education app.

Our theme this year is Build the Future Now. Through the power of Real-Time Engagement (RTE), people can do almost everything virtually, and sometimes even have a better-than-in-person experience. Developers have the know-how to build the next generation of tools and imagine the future of engagement. That is why we encouraged the developers to build an application that uses the Agora Real-Time Engagement Platform to create a shared experience and living the “now” moment.

The prizes this year were:

  • $200-$1000 USD gift cards
  • The opportunity to enroll in an accelerator
  • Free RTE2020 annual conference ticket
  • 1-hour “office hour” with a professional mentor
  • Speaking opportunity at RTE2020 annual conference

Outside of the 3 grand prizes, we also have the audience’s favorite award this year!

The prize was:

  • $50 USD gift card

In these two weeks, many developers from all around the world worked on this challenge to reimagine the future of engagement. Although choosing the best and the most innovative projects among all the submissions was difficult for us, we had to make a decision.

We are glad to announce the winners of the RTE2020 hackathon today.

First Place: MixPose Web App

Hackers: Peter Ma, Sarah Han, Ethan Fan

MixPose Web App Demo

In-person gyms have become inaccessible as we continue to shelter-in-place. Inspired by this new “normal”, Mix Pose Web App was created to bring a gym-like experience to your own home.

MixPose Web App is a live-streaming yoga class web application. It uses TensorFlow to track yoga poses and to assist the instructors to provide feedback to the users. Built upon Agora’s Real-Time Engagement video chat SDK, the team is running TensorFlow A.I. pose detection on top. Once the system receives the skeleton points, it can then draw the stick figure layer on the top.

Check out the project:

Find the sample code here:

Second Place: Transtreaming

Hackers: Zilehuda Tariq, Muhammad Taimour

Transtreaming Demo

During this pandemic, remote meeting and communication play a vital part in people’s lives. It can be difficult to work with people of different cultural backgrounds who may speak different languages. Transtreaming is there to solve this challenge.

Transtreaming is an application that transcribes and translates the audio to the desired language in real time. After integrating Agora web SDK for a real-time video calling feature, the app transcribes the audio on the client-side and then translates through a socket.

Check out the project:

Find the sample code here:
Project Description Repo:
Backend Repo:
Frontend Repo:

Third Place: Rogue Bots Lite

Hacker: Harsh Agarwal

Rogue Bots Lite Demo

Video games were once widely perceived as an inherently anti-social activity. During the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched #PlayApartTogether campaign to promote social activity through games whilst helping people to stay home safely.

Inspired by this, the hacker made a third-person, top-down shooter game using Unreal Engine and Agora Video SDK. With the same channel name and encryption key, multiple players can join a shooting game together while being able to talk to each other.

Check out the project:

Find the sample code here:

Now we have the Audience’s Favorite award! Audience’s Favorite is decided by the number of votes the project received.

Audience’s Favorite: Lyricist

Hackers: Akshat Gupta, Meherdeep Thakur, Sai Sandeep Rayanuthala

The Lyricist team was inspired to create their app after noticing that music influencers were experiencing the frustration of not easily sharing their original music sheets with other people. Writing down the music notes can be a tedious task for the audience so the team built a web app to make the music sheet sharing process easier.

Lyricist is a cross-platform application that automatically transcribes musical notes from online music classes with just the click of a button in real time. The team used Agora Audio SDK to send the Audio stream to be transcribed and to generate the music notes within a backend server. The backend algorithm scrapes the audio and uses Selenium replies back to the frontend of the website and app with the required musical sheet.

Check out the project:

Find the sample code here:


If you have won one of the prizes, our team will reach out to you this week. If you didn’t win this time, there are more ways for you to engage with our community!

Coming Oct 13-14, we are hosting our RTE2020 annual conference. This year, we are bringing you something special- a community day! We’ll be celebrating achievements of the RTE community and sharing projects and insights. If you have a great idea to share that will impact the future of engagement, we want to hear from you! Don’t miss this opportunity to speak to a community of developers and innovators!

We invite you to submit your ideas here: