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Agora Student Ambassador Program Recap 2021

Agora Student Ambassador Program Recap 2021

By Author: Murshidul Haqu In Developer

Murshidul Haqu is a developer community assistant at Agora. Information Security post-graduate student, with a demonstrated history and rich experience in diverse fields including but not limited to Web Development, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The Agora Student Ambassador Program was formed to identify passionate, like-minded college students to train on the Agora Real-Time Engagement SDK and then to educate fellow students and other developers. The program started in January 2020 with six ambassadors from India. We now have 53 ambassadors worldwide, with almost 650+ registrations–and the program is still growing.

Through a wide range of events, the amazing team of ambassadors have inspired 17000+ developers globally. Each ambassador is given training on using the Agora SDKs and then supported in hosting events, developing projects, writing content, and much more.

“Though this process was not in line with my expertise, I saw it as an opportunity to stretch my potential and broaden my horizons. This experience presented a unique opportunity to learn, make mistakes and re-learn. Throughout the journey, I experienced what I call “Learning by being” and “Learning by doing”, Experiential Learning.” Snigdha Kanchana

Agora Student Ambassadors (ASAs) are campus representatives and leaders who are enthusiastic about learning innovative approaches to real-time communication, artificial intelligence, and voice and video technologies. By sharing their training with colleagues, ASAs act as the primary channel between students and the Agora team.

Program Benefits for ASAs

  • Formal association with Agora via exclusive Agora gear and the ambassador title.
  • Opportunity to connect with Agora engineers and learn via web-connect sessions and office hours.
  • Quarterly rewards and certificates for active ambassadors.
  • Exclusive support for creating, writing, and publishing your technical content on the Agora website and medium-branded blogs.
  • Partial travel support, speakership opportunities, and opportunities to train others.
  • Sponsored funds and swag to assist in hosting sessions, training others, and speaking on and off campus to promote your work
  • Contribute to shaping the Agora product road map in the alpha stages of new products.
  • Exclusive access to Agora beta programs.
  • Opportunity to work or intern at Agora and its partners.
  • LinkedIn recommendations on successful active tenure.
  • Plus many surprises!

Roles and Responsibilities (ASAs)

  • Be the official ambassador and branding representative at your college.
  • Evangelize and mentor campus students on
  • Publicize by displaying posters on notice boards, sharing e-posters on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., as well as circulating emails, etc.
  • Maintain relevant databases and submit monthly reports.
  • Conduct workshops and meetups every two months as well as programming events and online hackathons.
  • Maintain multiple projects using SDKs, and mentor fellow students in their projects.
  • Innovate on how can assist your college, and associate us with any technical fest or sessions that your college conducts.
  • Encourage students to attend webinars organized by
  • Connect with college societies and clubs and fest departments.

Are you up for it? Do you have what it takes? Confident about your skills? Then why wait? Fill out this form to be a part of the Agora Student Ambassador Program to expand your skill set and broaden your horizon of possibilities.