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Agora Releases WebRTC SDK v3.2.0 Featured

Agora Releases WebRTC SDK v3.2.0

By Author: Hermes Frangoudis In Developer

Agora WebRTC SDK 3.2.0 has been released on September 7, 2020.

Video transmission optimization strategy

Agora WebRTC SDK v3.2.0 adds the optimizationMode property in the StreamSpec interface. When creating a stream object using createStream, you can choose between two modes (detail and motion), to set the optimization strategy for the video quality when encountering network fluctuations or poor network conditions.

  • "detail": Prioritizes clarity. In most cases, the SDK does not reduce the sending resolution, but may reduce the frame rate.
  • "motion": Prioritizes smoothness. In most cases, the SDK does not reduce the frame rate, but may reduce the sending resolution.

If you leave this property empty, the SDK uses the default transmission optimization strategy. For screen-sharing (setting the screen property as true in createStream) the default setting is detail, to prioritize clarity. Consider the case of screen sharing static content such as .ppt file, it can effectively improve the picture quality under a weak network.

For the other types of video streams, the SDK may reduce the frame rate or the sending resolution in poor network conditions.

Added Edge Browser Support

The Agora WebRTC SDK 3.2.0 adds full support for chromium based Windows Edge browsers (version 80 and above).


  • Improvements to the Stream.init method call, that would fail when the device does not support the capture frame rate of 15 fps.
  • Resolved an issue with the audio sending bitrate becoming too high after using setAudioProfile.

This is just a taste of the additions and improvements in this version. To learn more about the great features included in v3.2.0, check out the the full release notes for more details.