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Agora Releases Native SDK v3.6.0

Agora Releases Native SDK v3.6.0

By Author: Max Cobb In Developer

Voice and Video SDK v3.6.0 now available for on all supported native mobile and desktop platforms. See what’s new below!

Agora Native SDK 3.6.0 was released on December 7 2021.

New Features

Follow System Default Audio (Desktop)

Now on macOS and Windows, you can tell Agora to follow the device’s audio settings automatically. You can also fetch the default audio device, to see what your users are using in your app already.

These settings are on by default.


CDN Live Streaming

To reduce the difficulty of integrating CDN live streaming, this release optimizes the API design of CDN live streaming and improves the handling of network issues within CDN live streaming clients and servers.

There are several new methods to make it clear exactly how to stream, and if something goes wrong, the error responses give a more detailed explanation of what’s wrong. This means you can fix any issues and get ship your streaming app with more confidence.

The algorithm for builtin image enhancement effects have been altered slightly, making your streamed video look even better than before.

The default lightening level of the beauty effects have changed from 0.7 to 0.6 to balance these changes, and sharpnessLevel has also been added to the BeautyOptions structure.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed audio issue after changing role to .audience then back to .broadcaster. (iOS)
  • Fixed feed freeze when enabling media stream encryption.
  • Fixed issue with multiple screen sharers. (iOS)
  • Fixed remote user screen flicker.
  • Fixed bluetooth detection. (Android)

These are just a handful of the updates to the SDK in v3.6.0. To see the full release notes for the native platform you’re using, check out one of the following links: iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Head to Agora’s downloads page to get the latest SDK now.