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Agora Releases Native SDK v3.5.0 - Featured

Agora Releases Native SDK v3.5.0

By Author: Max Cobb In Developer, Product

Agora Native SDK 3.5.0 was released on 15 July 2021.

New Features ✨

Virtual Backgrounds 🧑‍🏫

Virtual backgrounds with Agora lets you select a colour or an image (PNG or JPG) as the background, behind a segmented person.

This feature has been available with the macOS and Windows SDKs since v3.4.5, and it is now available for Android and iOS in beta in v3.5.0.

The utility of this feature goes beyond just appearing to be on a sunny beach rather than in your home office. For example, you can also use it to set the background to a chroma key to show a cut-out person conducting a live presentation in your Unity application.

Native Raw Video Data

Previously, to capture raw video data in an iOS, macOS, or Android application you needed to include C++. But now you can have access to all these features using the native language, Java for Android and Swift/Objective-C for iOS/macOS.


Video Quality

On iOS, this update brings automatic optimisation for camera capture. With this feature, the SDK can dynamically choose the best video-capture strategy. Also with iOS, you can now enable and disable autofocus when using the rear camera.

On all SDK platforms, video whiteness and colour richness can be better controlled with the release of the SDK, which can increase the apparent quality of your camera feed.

Integration Changes

Swift Package Manager 📦 (iOS)

The Agora Video SDK for iOS can now be integrated with Swift Package Manager. A full guide is available here:

Agora Releases Native SDK v3.5.0 - Screenshot #1

Maven Central (Android)

As of this release, Agora’s Android SDK is published to mavenCentral.

Add the following line in the root build.gradle file of your project:

buildscript {
repositories {

allprojects {
repositories {

Add the following line in the /app/build.gradle file of your project:

dependencies {
// For x.y.z, please fill in a specific SDK version number,
// starting from 3.5.0
// Get the latest version number through the release notes.
implementation 'io.agora.rtc:full-sdk:x.y.z'

Apple M1 Simulator Support

This update builds correctly for the iOS simulator when building on an M1 Mac when integrating manually or with Swift Package Manager.

These are just a handful of the new features to the SDK in v3.5.0. To see the full release notes for the native platform you’re using, check out one of the following links: iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Head to Agora’s downloads page to get the latest SDK now.