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By Author: Team Agora In Developer Topics: , , , is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the 2018 AngelHack Global Hackathon Series! Join us for the Agora RTC App Challenge, and build an app or Website that uses the Agora real-time-communications (RTC) platform. We’d love to see how you use RTC to solve a real-world problem, re-invent the future, or simply be creative!

At each participating city, we will select one winner with the most innovative use of the Agora RTC platform. The winning team will receive a $1000 cash prize as well as a chance to win the “Agora Developer of the Year” award — and a paid trip to Beijing in September of 2018!


Our DevReal team will be present in these cities:

· Tokyo (May 19–20)

· Bangalore (June 8–9)

· Los Angeles (June 16–17)

· London (June 23–24)

· Seattle (July 21–22)

· San Francisco (July 28–29)

Our team will be on site at each of these locations to help you get started with — or really in any way we can.

Past Winners

Innovation, imagination, and integration are what we look for in these hackathons, and one of our recent winners, GarageBoard, really epitomizes these qualities.

At Developer Week San Francisco 2018, we challenged developers to enhance the user experience of their application by embedding real-time voice, video, and interactive broadcasting in creative new ways. GarageBoard really knocked our socks off with their integration of Agora’s Video Calling & Signaling APIs to introduce an innovative live-streaming element to their application.

With an overall goal of dynamic developer collaboration, their whiteboard converts user scribbles and drawings into shapes and text. Agora’s RTC technology was put to use embedding real-time messaging, voice chat, and video conferencing directly into the digital whiteboard. GarageBoard’s use of Agora made dynamic collaboration seamless, no matter how far away the participants were, with reliable connectivity and global scale.

How to Participate

You can register for the Hackathon closest to you by clicking on your city above, or you can register directly on the AngelHack Website. Please reach out to our team on the Slack Channel if you have any questions or want to get more information about prior to attending. If you wish to be a part of our Slack Community, please fill out the following form and we’ll send you an invite!

We can’t wait to meet you all and see what you build!