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With so much explosive growth around real-time engagement, we know that many of you are thinking about how you can further enhance the game experience for your gamers through the use of real-time engagement features. Today, we published two SDKs inside the Unity asset store — Agora’s Voice SDK for Unity and Agora’s Video SDK for Unity. Both provide Unity developers easy to use SDKs that deliver real-time voice and video chat. 

The Agora SDKs for Unity

The Agora Video SDK for Unity and Agora Voice SDK for Unity enable you to add in-game real-time communications to increase interactivity between players with minimum impact on the gameplay. The SDKs include the following features

● Extremely low latency audio and video communication: Sub-second low latency audio and video communication inside your game.

● High-quality audio: Agora’s in-house audio codec and our 3A (Automatic Echo Cancellation, Automatic Gain Control, Automatic Noise Suppressor) algorithms deliver superior quality audio and eliminate unwanted disruptions.

● Spatial sound effects: Spatial sound effects to add a sense of reality & depth to the sounds of your game.

● Voice change: Add more fun to your game by enabling voice changing through pitch, reverb, and equalizer. Anti-packet loss: powered by Agora’s SD-RTN ™, the SDKs are able to maintain a smooth call experience even when experiencing up to 70% packet loss rate.

Experience Agora in Action

Developers using Agora’s Unity SDK include Bunch, a multiplayer mobile gaming app that enables players to play games like Flappy Bird and HQ Trivia over video chat.

Vainglory, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game brings players together through voice chat. Agora’s Voice SDK is optimized for low system resource usage to prevent interference with core game processing resources, low latency for smooth — no lag — delivering a real-time voice experience.

Both applications utilize Agora’s in-app video and/or voice chat technology to allow communication between teammates during gameplay.

Where to get Agora’s SDKs designed for Unity

You can get started for free with the Agora Voice SDK for Unity by visiting the Agora Developer Portal or directly from the Unity asset store Agora’s Voice SDK for Unity and Agora’s Video SDK for Unity. You can also use our tutorial and the following sample code on GitHub. Your first 10,000 minutes are free each month! For more information on the Agora Voice and Video SDKs designed for Unity visit Agora for Unity.