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Agora Extensions Marketplace: The Fastest Way to Add New Real-Time Engagement Features featured

Agora Extensions Marketplace: The Fastest Way to Add New Real-Time Engagement Features

By Author: Sid Sharma & Brad Mortensen In Business, Developer, Product

Sid Sharma is Agora’s Senior Director of Developer Relations and Partner Engineering, focused on improving the developer experience and enriching the technology partner ecosystem. 

Brad Mortensen is Agora’s Partnership Specialist, focused on creating meaningful relationships that expand the capabilities of our customers and their end users while growing new business opportunities.

As the use of live interactive voice and video continues to expand, we’ve found that developers are always looking for exciting new real-time engagement features. But this often means spending too much time searching for complimentary technology services, negotiating with vendors, and coding one-off integrations. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce Agora’s Extensions Marketplace—the one stop shop to quickly find engaging new real-time voice and video features and easily add them to your apps.

Extensions are optional additions to Agora’s core voice and video calling capabilities that add new engagement functionality from advanced noise cancelling to fun face filters. The marketplace supports a growing range of extensions with quick provisioning and easy integration with just a few lines of code.

A growing range of engaging features

The Agora Extensions Marketplace offers a growing range of powerful and creative features to your apps to wow your users and keep them engaged.

We’re proud to announce eight initial partners in the marketplace. These include:

This is just the beginning. We will continue to add more extensions partners and features to help you create the perfect real-time engagement experience for your users.

Fast low-code implementation

Agora Extensions are easy to activate and download with just a few clicks. Simply browse the Extensions Gallery and grab the features you want. Adding extensions to the SDK can be done with just a few lines of code. Your selected extensions are then automatically integrated with Agora’s Voice and Video products to instantly transform the experience for your users.

Convenient unified billing

All additional fees and charges are displayed in the store and managed via Agora’s billing system. This allows customers to pay for extensions in the unified billing interface as other Agora products. Unified billing means that you’re not managing agreements with multiple vendors to enhance your app functionality, and you’re only paying one invoice rather than several.

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