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Agora and PubNub Collaborate to Amplify the Future of Real-Time Engagement Featured

Agora and PubNub Collaborate to Amplify the Future of Real-Time Engagement

By Author: Team Agora In Developer

One could say that technological advancements and human behavior often go hand in hand. As the world becomes more digital, the growing adoption and need for smarter technologies are transforming the way we interact, communicate, and access information. More so, the current global shift to remote working has propelled a hybrid reality in our social and human connection.

With the new changes comes challenges in improving the human experiences without in-person interactions. Therefore, to maintain business continuity, companies now look to taking their business online to retain customers and acquire new ones. As customer interactions go virtual, humanizing digital experience is more important than ever. That is why Real-Time Engagement APIs for video, voice, and chat is essential to helping businesses build, scale, and grow.

Making Real-Time Engagement Ubiquitous

Agora is a leading video, voice, and live interactive streaming platform that helps developers deliver rich in-app experiences—including embedded voice and video chat, real-time recording, interactive live streaming, and real-time messaging. The mission is to make Real-Time Engagement ubiquitous, allowing everyone to interact with anyone, in any app, anytime and anywhere. Agora recently partnered with PubNub to give developers and customers an elevated experience of managing their infrastructure without friction.

The Agora and PubNub integration makes it easy for software teams to securely add voice, video, streaming, and full-featured chat messaging to their applications using our advanced suite of APIs. This allows users to create a richer and more engaging experience across any device, at any scale, particularly for live events-type use cases like social, entertainment, and education apps. Agora’s real-time engagement voice and video SDKs combined with PubNub’s robust in-app chat APIs provide users with the flexibility to create engaging applications for digital transformation.

PubNub, a real-time communications platform, was founded in 2010 by Todd Greene and Stephen Blum with a mission to make virtual, remote experiences just as engaging as in-person ones. Both PubNub and Agora are ahead of the curve in doing just that. With Agora’s SDKs, users can quickly integrate, scale, and manage real-time video applications into an existing or new app without building your own infrastructure time. Similarly, PubNub’s real-time communication APIs make it easy for software teams to build and scale any type of in-app remote experience without needing to build from the ground up. Use cases that PubNub’s APIs enable include full-featured in-app chat, in-app alerts and mobile push notifications, geo/location-based mapping and events, data streaming and dashboards, and collaborative spaces like shared boards and documents.

Shared Synergies that Work

Across many industries, there’s been an intensified surge in going virtual and increasing digital experiences for customers and businesses alike. Some of the verticals where using Agora and PubNub are beneficial to include gaming, social, education, virtual events, and entertainment. In gaming, developers can integrate the Agora voice or video chat and optimize PubNub’s messaging features, making it extremely easy for deploying real-time engagement inside the game.

Virtual Classroom for continued online education has also seen growing demand, especially in recent months. Noon Academy is a leading social learning platform for online learning partnered with both Agora and PubNub to bring real-time interactions between teachers and students through the voice, video, chat and interactive whiteboard solutions.

For live events, LiveLike, an entertainment platform for broadcasters and global sports associations deliver live-streamed events and audience participation in real-time. LiveLike uses Agora to handle its complex, yet dynamic, SDK infrastructure that includes voice and video chat as well as PubNub’s in-app chat, reactions alerts, and notifications for creating an immersive experience beyond physical constraints.

Adding PubNub to Your Agora Application

Agora customers looking to add in-app messaging features can look to PubNub’s chat API that works well with your existing Agora integration. Request a demo with us to see how we can accelerate your ramp-up time with flexible, reliable, and scalable functionalities our platforms offer without needing to build from scratch.