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2020 Q3 Developer Onwards: Build the Future Now Featured

2020 Q3 Developer Onwards: Build the Future Now

By Author: William Du In Developer

We’re learning that during a pandemic, focusing on the future is no easy task. As technologists and developers, we are building the future now as we address today’s problems with innovative solutions. We aim to explore new use cases and push the boundaries of technology for everyone’s benefit. People say heroes wear capes. Well, developers are the heroes without capes.

In this spirit, we highlight a web application that brings people together to practice yoga, an Agora Superstar developer who’s concerned for the social impact of technology, and a Princeton University group that encourages women to pursue their studies in computer science.

And we’re not going to forget the winners of the RTE2020 Hackathon in August!

MixPose Web

Due to COVID-19, people are required to maintain a social distance from one another and loneliness has become a big problem. The MixPose team wants to empower instructors to produce better quality content and enable people to do yoga at home with a virtual group of friends to help create community and battle loneliness.

The MixPose team built a live-streaming yoga class web application with an AI pose-tracking feature that provides a feedback loop from instructors to users. The team used TigerGraph and GSQL for data analytics and the Agora Real-Time Engagement Video SDK as the video solution. In addition, they used TensorFlow AI to analyze user poses and provide feedback to both the instructors and users.

The MixPose team has won two hackathon prizes, including the RTE2020 Hackathon. They are now participating in an accelerator program.

Check out the MixPose project:

Meherdeep Thakur

Agora Superstars are a group of elite, passionate, and visionary developers who are willing to lead and inspire the developer community. In this issue, we want to feature Meherdeep Thakur, one of the Agora Superstars. He has broad back-end and front-end technical experience, especially in Flutter development and machine learning (ML) research. His passion for Real-Time Engagement (RTE) technology has inspired many others in the community.

“Hi, I am Meherdeep Thakur, a junior at Vellore Institute of Technology. I am a full stack developer with an immense love for ML/AI and App Development. I believe in using tech for good and gearing it towards social impact.

A fun fact about me: I am a huge soccer fan and no day passes by when I don’t watch or reminisce about the games.”

Check out Meherdeep’s recent community post:

Add Video Calling to Your Flutter App Using Agora

Check out Meherdeep’s recent development project:

Lyricist (Won the Audience’s Favorite Award of the RTE2020 Hackathon)

If you want to become one of the few leaders in the RTE developer community, please reach out to for more information.

RTE2020 Hackathon (8/14-8/30)

RTE is changing the way people interact with each other. People can now consult with their doctors, work out with a personal trainer, and take remote classes on just about any device. What will they be able to do tomorrow?

Virtual interaction is already an unstoppable force in everyday life. The pandemic is just an epiphany for people to realize how important Real-Time Engagement is. That’s why we challenged the developer community to build solutions that can create a shared experience through the Agora RTE platform. In addition, we introduced the new “hackathon+accelerator” model. This model confirms Agora’s dedication to bridging the gap between hackathon projects and startup projects.

Announcing the winners:

First place: MixPose Web App 
Second place: Transtreaming
Third place: Rogue Bots Lite

Click here to check out the winning projects.

Princeton Women in Computer Science (9/16)

What can you do in an hour? Watch two episodes of Friends? What about building a fully functional video chat web app instead?

This September, we are proud to partner with Princeton Women in Computer Science (PWiCS) at Princeton University to support the cause of encouraging women to enter the technology industry. As part of the partnership, we hosted a workshop on how to Build a Video Chat Web App in an Hour. In the workshop, Hermes Frangoudis, the Senior Developer Evangelist, provided a step-by-step live coding session to students from Princeton University on how to use the Agora RTE platform to build a vanilla video chat app that they can use in their daily lives.

Developer Onwards

If you’re considering getting involved in our next event, we have many exciting programs for you to learn cutting-edge RTE technology and to meet other passionate developers.

Why not apply to the Agora Student Ambassador Program? This program is aimed at identifying energetic, passionate, brilliant, and like-minded college students who will be chosen to train on Agora Real-Time Engagement for AI/ML, Web/App, and IoT applications to educate fellow students and other developers.

Also, Come join us at our workshop with Cal Hacks from the University of California, Berkeley, on Oct. 21. Registration is now open for their first virtual hackathon, Hack Month (

I hope to see you there!

William Du
Developer Community Manager