Agora’s flexible APIs enable deep integration of high quality, extreme low latency – live interactive broadcasting experiences.

Live Audio Streaming Built for Developers

Agora's flexible APIs enable deep integration of high quality, low latency – live interactive broadcasting experiences









With Agora APIs, you can easily add high quality, low latency video, voice and live broadcasting experiences into existing platforms and channels.

Immersive Streaming Experience

Low Latency

Low latency audio broadcast to audience around the world.  Enabling live engagement experience in real time between broadcaster and audience.

Cross Platforms

High quality audio experience across all platforms and devices.  Ensuring users can enjoy same high quality experience from any app and any device.

Quality Audio

48kHz (sampling rate) full sound bandwidth capture for natural audio reproduction during Podcast, Music Room, KTV and similar commercial use cases where audio quality is of critical importance.


Smooth Experience

In house audio codec with Agora’s Forward Error Correction (FEC) algorithm to deliver smooth, stutter and interruption free experience letting your audience focus on your broadcast instead of the gaps.

The Benefits

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Zero upfront cost

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