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Voicemod S.L develops the most innovative, easy-to-use, low latency, real-time voice changing technology empowering millions of gamers, content creators, VTubers, podcasters, YouTubers and more to find their true voice and authentically express themselves through sound.

Voicemod S.L.

Voicemod Voice Changer

The Voicemod Voice Changer extension brings the power of Voicemod’s voice changer technology into any Agora app. With this extension, you can give your users the ability to transform their voice in real time while they stream audio or video.

With 1.5 million monthly active users, Voicemod has become a leading voice changing technology on the market. Voicemod’s catalog counts over 100 original voices to choose from. This plugin contains a basic set of the most popular voices:

  • Magic Cords – a musical voice effect
  • Baby – a funny voice effect with heightened pitch
  • Cave – an echoey voice effect
  • Titan – a deep voice effect
  • Robot – a robotic voice effect
  • Lost Soul – a scary voice effect to make users sound like ghosts

We will be releasing a plugin version that supports a wider range of voices shortly.

Some voices come with background sounds, which can be turned on and off at will.

Extension Integration Overview

In order to enable the Voicemod Voice Changer extension on an instance of your app, you will need to provide your developer credentials. Once these are verified, the Voicemod engine will be enabled and ready to use.

In order to apply a voice transformation to your audio or video stream, simply set the vcmd_voice property with the name of the voice that you want to apply, and to stop transforming the voice, pass a ‘null’ string as the name of the voice.

You can enable and disable the background sounds as desired by passing a boolean value to the vcmd_background_sounds property.

Extension Features Overview

  • Agora Audio Filter for iOS and Android platforms
  • Voice transformation in realtime for audio and video streams
  • 6 voices to choose from – Magic Cords, Baby, Cave, Titan, Robot, Lost Soul
  • Optional background sounds included in some voices