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We provide next- generation emerging AR / VR / AI / ML mobile app/sdk development services at VisionLab. We deliver next-generation emerging mobile application frameworks to meet the most demanding customer requirements. We are acclaimed for IOS and Android Mobile SDK Development services. If you are looking for a custom AI-Based Mobile framework / SDK for your existing mobile app, then we can help to create a customized mobile SDK which is support both IOS and Android.

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Use DoreSegment to recognize objects and identify exactly which pixels belong to each object. Great for creating pixel-level masks, performing photo compositing and more.

DoreSegment, at its core, separates a digital image into two parts: background and foreground segment (human segment). DoreSegment is providing a Background Removal extension for agora framework. Digital image is made up of millions of individual pixels, and the goal of DoreSegment is to assign each of those pixels to the object to which it belongs. Segmenting an image allows us to separate the foreground from background, identify the human and clearly mark the boundaries that separate a human body from the entire image.