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BytePlus Effects

BytePlus Effects combines over 80,000 AR effects and filters, with a simple integration via Agora’s Video SDK.

Company: BytePlus Pte Ltd

Platform: iOS,Android


The extension provides an extensive library of effects including AR filters, beauty, and interactive games. By integrating into a mobile or PC app, your users will enjoy enhanced content, streams, or chats which encourage higher retention. Library of effects here:

Use Cases:

Camera apps: AR filters and effects enable fun experiences than inspire creativity and increase engagement.
Live streams: Effects provide engaging visual experiences that prevent drop-offs.
Chat & messaging: Improved communication between users using fun and engaging visual effects.


1. An extensive list of over 80,000 effects, meaning your audience will never run out of engaging experiences.
2. Simple creation of custom 2D, 3D and interactive effects with an easy-to-use UI.
3. Increased engagement, retention, and quantity of UGC from your users.