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Synervoz Voice FX

Synervoz Voice FX

Synervoz Voice FX allows you to apply audio effects like flanger, echo, reverb and more to user's voices in real time.

Company: Synervoz

Platform: iOS, Android

Category: Audio Effects

Synervoz Voice FX
Synervoz Voice FX
Synervoz Voice FX
Synervoz Voice FX


The extension provides real-time application of voice effects including echo, reverb, flanger, and pitch shift. It can solve problems like noise, echo, mixing audio streams, among other issues.

Use Cases:

Can be used for voice chat, online live broadcast, video call, video conference, online classroom and other scenarios.


1. The echo and reverb effects can be used to make it sound like a user is inside a room or hallway. The pitch shifter can be used to mask a user’s voice. And the flanger can be used to add a cool effect (i.e. a slightly delayed duplicate) while singing.
2. Each voice effect (Echo, Reverb, Pitch Shift, Flanger) has parameters that can be modified to create the desired effect.
3. Sliders can be utilized to hear the impact of each parameter in real time. This can be used to fine tune the output for a particular use case or to teach end users about how each of the effects work.
4. Can be added to your iOS and Android project in minutes.