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Agora 3D Spatial Audio

Agora 3D Spatial Audio

Deliver a more natural audio experience. Make your product stand out with 3D Spatial Audio that boosts user engagement.

Company: Agora

Platform: Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows

Category: Audio Effects

Agora 3D Spatial Audio
Agora 3D Spatial Audio
Agora 3D Spatial Audio


Agora's 3D Spatial Audio is an audio technology that provides an accurate digital simulation of real-life, immersive sound. Based on RESTful APIs, Agora's solution allows sound to be perceived overhead or directly in front of the listener at a distance and location true to life.

Use Cases:

• Live casting: Create a more personal environment, as if friends are sharing the same physical space.
• Education: Enrich the learning experience by making it more personal and memorable—as if the teacher is sitting next to the student.
• Meetings/Conference Calls: Make meetings more effective and productive by allowing participants to focus on the main speaker—not side conversations.
• Music streaming: Provide a fully immersive experience allowing listeners to enjoy the nuances in every note.


• Deliver a more natural audio experience: Replicate how we hear sound in the real world for a more natural experience that makes users feel like they are in the same room.
• Integrate quickly and easily: Quickly make your user experience more immersive by activating Agora’s Spatial Audio extension that works seamlessly with our video, voice, and streaming products.
• Give users the best audio quality: Allow your audience to hear deeper nuances of music and spoken word with superior audio that elevates the quality of the user’s entire experience.