Agora’s Software-Defined Real-Time Network is the world’s most widely used and intelligent RTE network.

Global coverage

Agora’s SD-RTN™ provides the broadest range of coverage throughout the world. With more than 250 data centers, serving more than 200 countries and regions, you can connect people anywhere. 

Ultra-low latency

Give your users high-quality, steady streaming. Agora’s algorithms monitor the network in real time and choose the most efficient routing path automatically, delivering an ultra-low latency of 400 ms or less.


When your user base suddenly increases, Agora’s got your back. In most cases, you can scale up or down on the fly. For dramatic increases, our team will work closely with you to plan and implement a smooth expansion.


Agora’s platform is available 99.99% of the time. Because Agora builds in redundant servers and data centers, your users can interact with your app 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


Agora streams data efficiently, so you and your customers save money without compromising quality.

High quality on mobile phones

Agora’s platform is optimized to deliver high-quality, consistent voice and video streams to mobile phones all over the world, despite the packet loss and signal degradation that is a common challenge with dependence on cell towers.

Designed for Developers

We make it easy for you to get started with Agora’s platform and to embed voice chat, video chat and live interactive video and streaming into your applications.

Fast integration

Agora’s powerful, feature-rich set of more than 450 APIs reduces the amount of code you need to write and helps you launch your app to market faster, bringing the cost of development down and increasing the return on investment (ROI).

Developer-friendly pricing

Your first 10,000 minutes each month are free! Plus, they’re fully functional with no limitations. After that, Agora charges the same price across all global regions, so you can expand internationally without complicated budgeting.

Compatibility with third-party features

Agora supports a wide variety of third-party add-ons to give your apps additional functionality and flexibility.

Partner ecosystem

Agora partners with development agencies and system integrators all over the world to deliver solutions for all of your needs.

Reach your Customers Anywhere

Agora gives you the options you need to create and grow a responsive application.

SDKs for broad reach

Agora connects people anywhere, any time, on any device. To keep that promise, we provide SDKs for all the popular mobile, web, desktop, and gaming platforms. No matter which platform you develop, we’ve got you covered.

Regional support

To enhance your business flexibility and data privacy, you can leverage Agora’s network regions, specifying the areas that your data flows into and through.

Pricing that Scales with your Business

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