Video Call
Add real-time high quality video chat into any application with our easy-to-embed SDK.

Includes all the development tools and cloud infrastructure needed for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Free support available on Slack

Agora works with companies around the globe to engage audiences with real-time video, voice and interactive streaming.

Cross Platform Choice

Agora includes full support across a range of tech stacks making it easy to deliver deep integration of high-quality, extreme low-latency video calling across all platforms and channels.


Immersive Video Experience

One-to-One Video Calls

Dramatically increase user engagement with Agora Video calling by delivering high quality, low-latency one-to-one video call capabilities directly into your own applications. 

Group Chat Video Calling

Group chat calls scales to include up to 17 participants – ensuring that you can handle all the use-cases your users will ever need.

Deep Customization

The Agora SDK allows for deep customization of video streams and presentation styles, as well as seamless integration with 3rd party SDKs including stickers, face recognition, and background segmentation.


Calls are encrypted end-to-end allowing for full privacy, and security.

The Network

Agora’s SD-RTN™ is the world’s most advanced real-time engagement network

We work where others don’t. Agora’s SD-RTN™ has over 200 data centers distributed around the world to ensure ultra-low latency (~400ms) and resillence to packet loss (up to 70%).

Flexible Pricing For Video


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Zero upfront cost

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