Real-time Voice and Chat Inside Your Game.

Easily embed  crystal clear voice, 3D spatial audio, and video chat into any application with < 1 second latency.


Our SDK’s enable you to embed high quality voice, video, and broadcasting functionality with minimal overhead in all mobile gaming genres.

The Possibilities

Voice Chat for Gaming

Competitive games are more fun when players are able to hear each other. Whether it’s coordinating with teammates or competing with a clan, nothing beats calling out to other players over an open voice channel. Agora Voice SDK is optimized for low system resource usage to prevent interference with core game processing resources, low latency for smooth – no lag – real time experience and reliable game data transfers.

One-to-One Video Chat & Group Chat for Gamers

Enhance your in-game experiencing by providing one-to-one video chat and video group chat directly from inside your app.. Agora deliver users premium HD Video which increases user engagement and improves in-game communications.  

3-D Spatial Audio

With Agora’s 3-D Spatial Audio players can locate each other by sound, using proximity-based hearing to sense and determine another player’s distance and position like you would in the real world.  

Live Interactive Broadcasting

Give your game the boast it needs by giving your users the ability to conduct live interactive broadcast of their games. Use Agora’s live broadcast capabilities to broadcast games to mass audience in an environment you control. Perfect for esports, gaming leagues and trivia games.

High Quality Voice

Optimized voice quality: When clarity is important to make that perfect next move or taunt that opponent, Agora makes sure that plays can be not just heard, but understood with our support for proprietary 32kHz ultra wide band voice.

Designed for Gamers

Unlimited players in unlimited combinations: Agora voice and video support one-to-one, one-to-many, and groups of unlimited size – ensuring that irrespective of how your game works and how popular it gets, we’ve got you covered.

Optimized for Mobility

Extreme low latency communication for fast-paced games: Agora boasts a lightning fast sub-second edge-to-edge transmission. Additionally, our low power consumption is designed to reduce mobile device battery drain without sacrificing quality for maximum high-quality game time.

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