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Two smartphones showing LiSA's live shopping platform with text "livestream shopping for any e-commerce. made. oh. sooo. fun."
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LiSA adds joy and engagement to the online shopping experience with multi-host live video capabilities powered by Agora.

Desktop computer showing woman demonstrating cosmetics on LiSA's live shopping platform

About LiSA

Online shopping is more fun when it’s live. LiSA is a start-up on a mission to bring the most joyful, seamless and scalable live shopping experiences to leading e-retailers and marketplaces across the globe.

LiSA founders Sophie and Philippe Frères have extensive experience in retail innovation and retail tech. Surprised by the lack of companies focused on helping retailers enable joyful experiences in their own digital environments, they created the LiSA platform. With its turnkey solutions, LiSA brings best-in-class live social commerce to life, enabling brands and e-retailers to engage with and build their own communities in a fun and highly scalable way.

“At LiSA, we believe that the future of online shopping is social, community-driven real-time engagement. Implementing this on our live platform has resulted in conversion rates of up to 35% and engagement rates of up to 90%.”

Philippe Frères, Co-Founder and CPO, LiSA

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Three mobile phones showing different examples of branded live shopping hubs on LiSA's platform

The challenge for retailers today is that consumers increasingly want to be entertained and inspired when they shop online. Add to that the explosion of online customer acquisition costs in many product categories and the pending “cookie-pocalypse,” and it is no surprise that e-retailers are looking for quick, effective, and scalable ways to transform their mostly transaction-driven online shopping experience into one that is based on social interaction and consumer discovery. LiSA provides a highly effective way for e-retailers to enable livestream shopping experiences, with conversion rates of up to 35% and engagement rates of up to 90%.

LiSA’s turnkey solutions allow retailers to launch and run their own live shopping channels and expand their communities through multiple sub-accounts. This allows brand reps, sales staff, community members, or even influencers, to plan and run live shopping events independently and individually.

Products used

Powering live shopping engagement with global performance, quality, and reliability

LiSA uses Agora’s SDK to enable live video streaming with ultra-low latency and multiple hosts in one channel. LiSA’s customers are spread around the world, so they needed a solution that could support any region globally with top notch performance and quality.

LiSA looked at some other providers of live video SDKs, but Agora was the only platform that catered to their needs for high-quality and reliable interactive streaming via WebRTC technology. Agora also enables LiSA’s multi-host capability, which is unique across other live shopping solutions on the market. LiSA was also impressed with Agora’s support and ease of implementation.

“As a SaaS company for live video shopping, we needed stable and high-quality video streaming, available on all platforms, browsers, and devices. Agora’s platform met all of our needs and is a cornerstone of our value proposition.”

Philippe Frères, Co-Founder and CPO, LiSA

LiSA co-founder and CPO, Philippe Frères

“Agora is an ideal partner for us. Not only does their product meet our needs and is continuously expanded and improved but also the Agora team is so supportive in helping us on our journey to create the best-in-class live video shopping experience.”


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