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Conference Compass doubled revenue with hybrid events and live interactivity from Agora.

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About conference compass

Conference Compass is a hybrid event engagement platform headquartered in the Netherlands, focused on global scientific and medical conferences. The platform allows conference organizers to build a portal accessible via a browser or mobile app that allows participants to explore and personalize their event schedule and network with other attendees, speakers and exhibitors.

Conference Compass’ original product aimed to improve interaction and engagement at traditional in-person conferences, but the pandemic pushed them to launch a hybrid event platform that works for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. The platform allows participants to engage in live event sessions with audio/video chat, questions, and voting. This pivot to hybrid events has ultimately helped to make scientific and medical conferences more inclusive, allowing people to participate and interact from all over the world without having to travel.

“Real-time engagement is the only way that virtual conferences can be interactive. Real-time video that works globally is crucial for engaging all audience members, wherever they join from.”

JELMER van ast, FOUNDER AND CEO, Conference compass

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

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Conference Compass’ original focus on boosting interaction at in-person events positioned the company well to bring their engagement expertise to virtual and hybrid conferences. This focus on engagement led them to integrate real-time voice, video, and messaging right into the new hybrid platform from the start.

The Conference Compass platform uses real-time voice and video to promote interaction in virtual conference rooms for everything from large moderated sessions to small group roundtable sessions and private one-on-one meetings. All of this is accessible for participants through any browser or a mobile app, enabling inclusive, real-time interaction for every participant whether they are attending in-person or virtually from across the world.

Products used

Seamless integration and customization options drive growth

Agora’s technology powers the real-time interactivity for global event participants in Conference Compass’ platform. After considering several options for real-time audio and video, they found that Agora’s technology offered the best seamless integration with their platform, including lots of customization options. The flexibility and ease of integration allowed them to meet requirements of their vision, even with limited development resources.

Real-time engagement from Agora provides an engaging and interactive experience for users while differentiating the platform with a customized approach to real-time voice and video. Since adding real-time engagement from Agora, 50% of Conference Compass customers rate the platform 9 out of 10 or above and annual revenue has increased more than 100%.

“Agora offered us the most flexibility and ease in implementing our vision for real-time audio and video, with plenty of customization.”

JELMER van ast, FOUNDER AND CEO, Conference compass

Conference Compass, CEO, Jelmer Van Ast

“Our revenue per customer has multiplied by a factor of 3x to 10x and our annual revenue has more than doubled since implementing Agora’s real-time engagement technology.”


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