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Cloud Proxy Pricing

The Cloud Proxy feature for Voice Call, Video Call, and Interactive Live Streaming ensures reliable connectivity when end-users are behind firewalls.

Agora offers three operating modes based the end-users’ firewall settings:

Cloud Proxy



Force UDP or Force TCP/TLS 443

$0.99 /1,000 participant minutes
Video HD*:
$3.99 /1,000 participant minutes
Video Full HD*:
$8.99 /1,000 participant minutes

*Minimum monthly base fee starts at $500, which counts towards the usage-based fee above.
*Cloud Proxy fee is based on whether the minimum monthly cost or the Cloud Proxy variable usage cost is higher.

See how pricing is calculated here.

Minimum monthly base fee based on PCU

TierPCUMinimum monthly base fee (US$)
Tier 1 (Default)200 or fewer$500 (USD)
Tier 2201 – 1,000$1,000 (USD)
Tier 31,001 – 2,000$2,000 (USD)
Tier 42,001 or moreContact sales or request support through the Agora Console

Volume Discounts

Discounts are automatically applied based on the total usage of Cloud Proxy, Video Calling, Audio Calling, and Interactive Live Streaming. Connect with sales if you expect your total usage to be more than 3M minutes per month.

Minutes Used/MonthAutomatic Discount
0 – 10KFREE
100K – 500K5%
500K – 1M7%
1M – 3M10%
Volume discounts do not apply to the minimum monthly base fee.