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Swarm is a digital studio that creates products people love to use, from mobile apps to OTT, Web, and even complex technologies like Video, IOT, and Machine Learning / AI. Their team engages with clients through a rigorous consulting approach that distills products into its core emotional elements that are unique for each end user.

Swarm’s solutions combines Augmented Reality technologies from Google (ARCore) (Apple, ARKit coming soon) with Agora to live-stream a shared ARy experience. Their demos showcase how a simple object like a display banner can be transformed into a shared 3D workspace with AR and Agora. Then anyone participating in the live stream can interact in this workspace and change the experience for everyone (e.g. play a video, look at a website together, etc)

Geography Served:

Geography: APAC, Geography: EMEA, Geography: GCR, Geography: The Americas