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StageMe delivers live video shopping events and experiences for eCommerce Portals.

Live video shopping events offer a new sales channel and marketing trend from the evolution of teleshopping into the digital space. StageMe is the only live video shopping platform on the market that offers a unique set of features and services:

  • Adaptive Integration: choose between the integration-free option (100% straightforward landing page hosted by StageMe, with zero technical work) on the website and/or the StageMe version that can be fully integrated into the e-commerce platform.
  • Freedom-of-Device: you can stream your event from a smartphone as well as via professional video recording devices. Users can receive and interact with the streams on most devices and browsers.
  • Streaming format flexibility: stream in landscape mode as well as portrait format.
  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP): users can take the live stream to other browser tabs and websites. That means users can complete the checkout process while still actively participating in the live event in a small window, thus skyrocketing the conversion rate.
  • Social Restreaming: You can simultaneously restream to any other social media platform (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
  • Concept Liberty: the possibility to broadcast from a professional studio as well as to show only the presenter’s face and smartphone screen.
  • Adaptive UI: Fully customize colors, fonts, and styles, a fully customizable white label solution.

The team behind the StageMe project is involved in live streaming technologies since 2008. We are funded and already have run several successful events for its clients.

Our customers are our utmost priority, which is why we invest primarily in our relationship by sponsoring the first event for them. By so doing, we establish trust, remove any risk, and ensure they can count on us to deliver every step of the way.

The best part of it all is that eCommerce portals get to recreate an in-person experience that helps retain and engage their users and gain new customers. You get to transfer the users from the social networks on your eCommerce portal, where you can offer them various opportunities: live shopping, higher engagement, discounts, newsletter notifications, referral promos, social media posts, and so forth. The live events can showcase new product lines, contests, interviews, unboxings, product reviews, and so on. Your store will no longer be just a boring list of products – it will display a human face with genuine interaction.

We at StageMe can help you get started on your first video shopping event today! Be an innovator in your niche. Have a live event idea you are looking to bring to life? Let’s help you bring your ideas into reality!

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