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Rokid X-craft hard hat
Rokid Xcraft World’s first 5G industrial headband
Rokid logo with blue background


Our partnership offers developers and enterprises Rokid’s best-in-class wearables combined with Agora’s superior platform capabilities that will enhance end-user experiences across many use cases and verticals. From remote service collaboration, training, and visualization to manufacturing, energy, retail, and more.

Our products include the X-Craft, a 5G Industrial Explosion-Proof AR Headband, Glass 2, a monocular Augmented Reality (AR) glass, and Yoda OS-XR, a self-developed AR operating system, customized based on Android) which offers unique design and functionality.

Our SDK features:

  • 1V1, multi-person real-time communication, with voice call and video call functions;
  • Live streaming from the first perspective;
  • Screen sharing;
  • Video dual streaming;
  • Real-time vocal effects of bel canto and voice masking;
  • Transmission encryption and content encryption.

Geography Served:

Geography: Global