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Arimars KoalaAR remote assistance tech support diagnosis
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Arimars KoalaAR remote assistance tech help
Ariman technican using KoalaAR Remote Assistance Software
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Arimars KoalaAR remote assistance video tech support
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Arimars Technology offers a wide range of AR / VR solutions for different industries, various services like 3D visualization, modeling, immersive technology-based apps, next-generation computer-based training systems, digital simulations, value-based IoT solutions, etc.

Some of our solutions include:

  • Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Software – KoalaAR
  • Dijital Marketing and Sales with Augmented Reality – NextAR app
  • Augmented Reality Platform for Maintenance – Operation – Training- Armadillo

Agora powers the KoalaAR Augmented Remote Support Software that helps users solve technical issues via their mobile devices. Users can remotely request and offer live assistance via video streams in real-time. The KoalaAR Remote Assistance Software allows you to perform standard maintenance procedures, fix technical malfunctions and solve issues faster. The augmented reality remote assistance KoalaAR has a wide range of business applications, including technical support, audits, inspections, and quality issues. It can also be used across many industries.

  • Consumer Electronic Brands
  • Machine Manufacturers
  • Industrial Companies
  • Customer Service Organizations
  • Insurance Companies Utility Companies
  • Communication Service Providers

Geography Served:

Geography: Global