Agora.io White Paper​

Overview of the Agora.io Network

What makes the Agora SD-RTN™ the most reliable, scalable and efficient global engagement platform in the world.

Little in this world is more frustrating than a dropped connection right in the middle of a captivating conversation online.

This happens all too often, especially when engaging over long distances and remote areas.

It turns out this is because the public internet was not designed to guarantee each user a seamless experience. Priorities of the public internet instead lie with keeping pace with its ever-growing user base and ensuring that they can reach each and every website. This makes sense, but this also means that using live audio/video streaming on the public internet can often be a glitchy and frustrating experience.

The Agora.io Software Defined Real-Time Network (SD-RTN™) was designed to make the performance characteristics of the best-designed enterprise network architecture available by leveraging the public internet.

SD-RTN™ aims to achieve two main goals:

  • Deliver high-quality live audio/video streaming performance on the public internet, anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • Provide this service economically by utilizing the public internet rather than relying on expensive enterprise networking technology.

Download our white paper to get more details on how our network is built and what makes it the best for global cloud engagement.