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Reshape Customer Service With Video

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When you want to communicate with your customers, there’s no better medium than video. Companies use videos to promote their businesses, products, and services all the time, and video can also be a powerful customer service tool.

Add Video Chat Services for Face-to-Face Customer Interactions

Face-to-face customer service is used less and less in the modern world. Consumers are often too busy to visit a company’s brick-and-mortar store, so for many people, a customer service representative has become just a voice on a phone or text on a screen. Video chat combines the convenience of a call center or traditional website with the personal touch of speaking to a customer service representative face to face.
Through video chat, customers can get immediate, personalized assistance from a friendly face representing the business. They can even see the representative go through the steps they should take to assemble a product or troubleshoot a tech issue, for example. Users at home can follow along in real time, with the service representative’s guidance, so they get the job done right.

Customers can initiate a video chat when they need help, or a service representative can invite a customer to a chat, either via instant message or an email, to follow up on an inquiry.
Video chat is an ideal choice not only for busy consumers but for those located too far from a branch or outlet. As the world becomes a global marketplace, businesses often have customers scattered around the world. Video chat helps these companies deliver the same level of customer service to remote consumers as to those living close by. Video chat is also ideal for reaching customers within the same country, but who live in rural locations. With video conferencing, distance and location are no barriers to superior customer service.

Create Demonstration Videos For All Your Customers

The ability to demonstrate processes for your customers in a video chat is one of its greatest strengths. But why restrict your viewership to just one person? While personalization is important, demonstrations are something all your customers can learn from. So it makes sense to expand their reach.
Create videos demonstrating how to assemble your products, how to use various features, and how to troubleshoot them. Add these videos to your email newsletters and social media pages. Encourage your customers to share them with their networks if they like what they see.

Studies show that people typically retain 10 percent of what they hear, 20 percent of what they read, and between 70 and 80 percent of what they both hear and see. These stats prove that video demonstrations are the best way to help customers remember key facts about using your products.

Stream Product Demonstration Videos to Create Buzz

Not all of your demonstration videos need to be recorded and edited to perfection, then shared with customers. You can also create a buzz with streaming videos.
Whenever you launch a new product, celebrate its release with a live video demonstration on your favorite social network. Invite your customers to attend the virtual event and ask questions about the product, which you can answer in real-time.
These kinds of streaming demonstrations provide valuable service many customers want before making a purchase decision. As online shopping increases, fewer customers get to touch or see the products they want before making a purchase. Studies show that companies who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users, so your streaming presentation could be a great marketing tool as well as being a valuable customer service resource. Post your streaming video on your website and social media network archives so anyone that misses the event can catch it later.

Top Level Video Support Tackles Difficult Customer Service Issues Instantly

Most of us have experienced the frustration of seeking answers from a business that the customer service team was unable to provide. Your customer service representative promises to follow up on your inquiry, but you’re left waiting hours, days, or even longer for a solution.

Video support makes it easy for top-level experts to join the conversation. Should a question fall outside a service representative’s expertise, he or she can simply add a specialist to the discussion. Customers will appreciate the extra effort your service team provides, as well as the instant feedback on their questions.

Video Libraries Make FAQs More Engaging

Frequently asked questions are a valuable part of any business’s online customer support. But when they take the form of a page of text, they aren’t very inspiring. In fact, only 20 percent of online users will read a full web page, while 80 percent of browsers will watch a video, according to Business2Community. Adding a video component to your FAQs can take this valuable resource to the next level.

A library of on-demand video FAQs fronted by a friendly company representative transforms your business from a faceless entity to an organization your customers can relate to. Collaborate with your customer service team on this. Your representatives will know what questions customers often ask. They’re probably comfortable answering the questions too; make use of these talents and put them in front of the camera, because their videos will feel more natural than anything an actor records for you.
As an added bonus, video FAQs can give you valuable feedback. On a written page of FAQs, it’s impossible for you to know which questions customers looked at. When you’re answering questions in a video, though, you can see which clips your customers view most. Promote these on your social pages and in email newsletters to increase their reach. Create videos about similar topics, since you know these are areas your customers want to know more about.

No matter how you want to incorporate video into your customer service strategy, has you covered. With no up-front costs and easy integration, is the ideal video solution for your business. Visit the website to learn more about its outstanding video services.