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Redefining Education - The Virtual Classroom Experience Featured

Redefining Education – The Virtual Classroom Experience

By Author: Jay Colios-Terry In Business

Jay Colios-Terry is the Sales Director @ Learncube and a passionate ed-tech evangelist working to create a future where students across the globe can access life-changing education and world-class teachers.

Redefining Education—The Virtual Classroom Experience

The education sector has seen its share of transitions but the world is currently paying attention to one in particular: how it’s incorporating the latest technological advancements. People have always acknowledged the various difficulties of getting a quality education for themselves or for their loved ones. One struggle included the agonizing inconvenience of often having to travel long distances to learn in the classroom. In the 1990’s, the education sector adopted the concept of eLearning, or alternatively known as distance learning, as a means to bridge the gap for those who could not physically attend school because of health conditions, time constraints or geographical barriers. Now, as an improvement and revolutionary solution to the inevitable issues of eLearning, Real-Time Engagement (RTE) technologies and WebRTC have taken the pain out of connecting students with great teachers and schools, wherever they are in the world.

Empowering Quality Online Education

LearnCube, a UK based online educational platform, started six years ago over a prediction that WebRTC would be the video technology of the future and that they could address the difficulties of accessing education while offering a seamless experience of having all necessary features integrated into the product without having to download additional external apps or softwares. With that notion, they built the best virtual classroom for language teaching and online tutoring.

Their interactive, multi-tab whiteboard, inbuilt lesson library, and simple user interface for teachers have helped them stand out as a market leader. The quality of their video has improved every year making them one of the top established online learning providers. To date, they have delivered classes in over 94 countries, recorded more than 10,000 teacher sign-ups and successful online transitions.

Designed for businesses, LearnCube helps streamline processes related to online teaching, training, class scheduling, payment processing, and more. A key to LearnCube’s success has been to utilize video chat features that allow instructors, tutors, and trainers to teach online. The platform also includes audio, interactive whiteboard, access to upload and download digital material, and other related features that simulate classroom experience for both teachers and students.  

Educational Equity for All

The LearnCube and Agora partnership provide reliable real-time video on a global scale for live online classes for 1:1, group classes and hybrid classes.

“We were attracted to Agora because of its strong Real-Time Engagement platform especially in audio and video as well as their experience in RTC technologies. Plus, they offer competitive prices that meet our needs and are ideal for our education customers.  As a result of both our rapid expansions, we became an Agora partner in 2020 to further strengthen our global reach.” – Jay Colios-Terry, Sales Director at LearnCube

LearnCube’s software and Agora’s SDK learning engagement platform provides businesses with the building blocks needed for an interactive classroom experience on any device and any class size. Agora integrated into LearnCube’s application and provided flexibility and technical support so they could grow faster and further.

The partnership between Agora and LearnCube gives companies like LearnCube the opportunity to enter new opportunities confidently when serving students and teachers anywhere in the world.  Agora’s Real-Time Engagement products can assist all types of education platforms, including tutoring companies who may want to safeguard students and tutors with affordable video-recording to the cloud. The months and years ahead will bring excitement as Real-Time Engagement technologies continue to push boundaries in providing superior video streaming and interactive online experiences for companies in all sectors.