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Congrats to Team unSting from Bangalore who won the RTC Developer of the Year 2018 award!

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RTCHack2018 Recap

The #RTCHack2018 world tour has come to an end. It was a lot of fun to see fellow developers create impressive projects in 7 cities across the globe. Over 50 hacks were submitted and each was developed in under 30 hours!

A few of these teams are heading to the RTC Conference in Beijing on September 7th and 8th to showcase their projects to a judging panel comprised of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and tech leaders. Find out more about the most innovative and market-ready projects that were built on top of the Agora platform and which teams made it to the next round below!

Team unSting (Bangalore)

Team unSting created a platform to organize and expedite relief efforts in natural disasters. Using the Agora RTC SDK, they streamed live video footage from a drone (using Android of Things) which was displayed to an Android app for the volunteers to see. Afterwards, the stream from the application was read by the server which then applied the YOLO (You Only Look Once) deep learning algorithm to locate humans in each frame of the video stream. Once located, they marked the location of the identified human on a centralized dashboard to allow volunteers to send resources to the correct area.

Watch their video pitch

Team ARdvark (Los Angeles)

Team ARdvark created an app that helps connect people with a subject matter expert no matter what the subject is. The subject matter expert can drop AR marker pins in real time during the video call to help people understand how they can solve the problem at hand.

Watch their video pitch

Team Vews (London)

Team Vews created a social debate & opinion sharing website which allows readers to interact and share their stance on the news rather than just read passively. A visitor will wait in a queue to host a 15 second live broadcasting session when it’s their turn. Viewers can add their reactions overlaid as emojis on the video stream while the backend tracks the number of times each emoji is clicked to determine the general perception of each other’s viewpoint.

Watch their video pitch

Team RCRealtor (Shanghai)

Team RTCRealtor created a IoT solution which enables users to tour an open house from the comfort of their current home! The user can control the car’s movement, powered by a 4 wheel servo motor, and adjust the camera’s direction through the Android viewing app or the web portal.

Team Pigeon (Austin)

Team Pigeon is a real-time captioning and translation video chat plugin service aimed at enabling the disabled and overcoming language barriers around the world. Team Pigeon captures the audio on the local machine and uses Google Cloud Platform to convert the speech to text. Once the text is translated to the requested language, it gets rendered on the screen.

Watch their video pitch

Team Gems (Seattle)

Team GEMS created a global emergency medical support platform that connects specialists in the medical industry with volunteers providing aid abroad. GEMS impacts the local community as well by allowing busy medical professionals in all specialties to make a difference abroad using video call, without ever needing to leave their city.

Watch their video pitch

Team Hang with Me (San Francisco)

Team Flashhang created an app that utilizes custom ‘compromise algorithms’ to allow for instant group video calls that balance users’ preferences, location, budget, and previous interactions. The app ‘game-ifies’ participation and rewards verbal communication and exploration. On the backend, Flashhang leverages a wide array of 3rd party APIs to provide real time event and transportation data.

View their video pitch

Team Primary Medicine (Virtual)

Primary Medicine is a platform that allows hospitals, urgent care clinics, and physicians to easily connect with patients through their mobile devices. Patients will be able to receive personalized healthcare at the tap of a button and be connected with their physician instantly via video call. Doctors are interested in this because the platform eliminates the physical aspect of paperwork which also helps generate more business from patients anywhere.

View their video pitch

From Telemedicine to Disaster Relief to Augmented Reality, there was an incredible amount of innovation all around. Every single team that submitted a project should be proud of the work they created. The Agora team has been impressed with the quality of work in every single city we held this event.

The teams that were selected to attend the conference are:
Team unSting, Team RCRealtor, and Team Primary Medicine.

To every single team that participated in the RTCHack18 series, thank you for your hard work and I can’t wait to see what you develop next year using the Agora platform. To the teams selected for the conference, see you in Beijing!