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Event Recap: AIoT 2023 – Connect, Engage, Entertain featured

Event Recap: AIoT 2023 – Connect, Engage, Entertain

By Author: Team Agora In Business, Developer

The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is the combination of Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with the Internet of things (IoT) infrastructure in order to improve efficiency, analytics, data management and more. AIoT fosters an intelligent and immersive connection between humans and devices and can also be enhanced with the help of AR/VR innovations. At the recent AIoT – Connect, Engage, Entertain event, speakers went into detail about emerging AIoT trends, achievements, challenges, and future potential.

The hybrid event took place in Singapore featuring global IoT leaders, including:

  • Jimmy Zhang, CTO, Carbon Origins
  • Wangshu Yang, Head of Hardware, Meta Motors
  • Arlen Lu, Vice President of Mass Development, Turing Drive
  • Adam Kirk, CEO, Forma Vision
  • Patrick Ferriter, VP of Product, Agora
  • Ek Goh, VP & GM ASEAN, Oracle
  • Ni Meng, Co-Founder, RINO
  • YC (Song Yan) Cai, CEO, YCVR
  • Joe Tham, VP of International Sales, Simshine
  • Yongli Chen, Founder & CEO, Edgenesis

This article discusses the key takeaways of the event. You can watch the complete session on demand here.

AIoT – The Awakening of Innovation Across Industries

AI has transformed interaction between humans and devices and changed how we work and manage our day-to-day lives. The addition of AI-enabled immersive experiences in gaming, work collaboration, medical, machinery operations, and manufacturing will continue to lead this transformation.

The Impact of Teleoperation in the Real World

The remote control operations enabled by AI-powered IoT (AIoT) provide a wide range of new opportunities, from autonomous driving to industrial operations.

Autonomous control over industrial operations helps tackle and carry out the dangerous and most challenging jobs in the safest way using virtual reality. Operators can work in a real-time simulated environment with unparalleled situational awareness powered by unprecedented machine learning datasets.

Heavy machinery operators can work remotely in an enhanced auditory and visual environment that sees beyond blind spots, helps them make better decisions, and performs tasks at incredible speeds.

“Our robots are designed to tackle the toughest jobs using virtual reality, robotics, and live streaming. We use Agora for video streaming, and it’s been critical for our success.”

Jimmy Zhang, CTO at Carbon Origins

Carbon Origins

When Racing Meets Streaming

Gaming, eSports, and live streaming are fused using immersive, real-time, high-resolution video and audio, combined with high responsiveness, enriched human-machine connection, and tactile feedback. The seamless fusion of multiple technologies offers impeccable handling, with compact and faster cars topping it off with ultimate control over the race.

The real-time engagement-powered gaming experience is set to reimagine the virtual racing experience, bringing the adrenaline rush and excitement of real-life racing. At the heart of this cutting-edge advancement is a sandbox racing simulation, leveraging the Agora Real-Time Engagement (RTE) platform with a latency as low as 180 ms. This remarkable capability not only ensures seamless connectivity but also brings to life the thrilling world of remote car racing in a way that mirrors the excitement of being on an actual racing track.

Not just racing but virtual reality powered by RTE enhances the experience of users across fields, including education, gaming, live streaming, and automotive.

“We, at Meta Motors, believe that RTE gaming can give us as much fun as virtual games, and we think that the future belongs to RTE games. And we use Agora services to power our games.”

Wangshu Yang, Head of Hardware, Meta Motors

Meta Motors

Assistance from Commercial Autonomous Vehicles

Flexible, robust, and agile autonomous driving may not replace humans but can be like a copilot, providing industrial assistance in commercial travel and logistics. Automated and assistive driving is snowballing with advantages such as efficient movement through optimized routes, brilliant operation ability, ease of use, and anomaly detection and notification.

Turing Drive Inc. was the first company to develop a self-driving electric bus in Taiwan. Since 2018, the technologies have been developed and tested on 5 vehicle types, by 27 autonomous driving vehicles, across 10 sites, traveling over 33,500 kms. Turing has mastered 3 terrains, including urban canyons and golf courses, managing operational design domains from amusement parks to open streets, and completed testing in Taiwan CAR Labs with TÜV Rheinland certification.

Our mission is to create a seamless mobility experience in your operational domain.

Arlen Lu, Vice President of Mass Development, Turing Drive

Turing Drive

Spatial Copresence and the Future of Engagement

Spatial copresence allows the ability to occupy a physical space even when remote using augmented reality. This innovation is the need of the hour as video meetings are less productive, less recollective, and less engaging, and they cause the infamous Zoom fatigue.  

Working remotely or hybrid, people can simply put on their head-mounted display glass and venture into the digital space in their authentic avatar, collaborating with peers as if they are with them physically. 

Forma Vision can create a vivid 3D image using a combination of 2D and GenAI technologies. Notably, Agora RTM 2.0 excels in syncing image depth data, ensuring the faithful reconstruction of 3D images.

The future is extremely bright (for Spatial Communication), and it is an exciting time to get more enterprise-ready for the coming revolution.

Adam Kirk, CEO, Forma Vision

Forma Vision

The Network to Power the Global AIoT Ecosystem

Agora showcased many innovative RTE applications such as industrial remote control, intelligent care robots, eSports, real-time special effects, digital people, AR/VR virtual spaces, edge computing for AI, intelligent hardware, smart homes, etc.

Agora envisions an AIoT ecosystem partnering with global leaders like Oracle and RINO. Agora boasts broad integration compatibility with 30+ leading chipsets, infrastructure compatibility with OCI, and integration capabilities with various VR/AR, teleoperation, smart home, eSports, robots, and hardware providers.

Patrick Ferriter, VP of Product, Agora


Empowering Enterprises with a Distributed IoT Private Cloud

In RINO’s session, co-founder Ni Meng shared that RINO provides the global IoT industry with cost-effective, safe, stable, and reliable IoT software and hardware services based on RINO’s privatized deployment and platform ecological advantages.

By strengthening exchanges and cooperation within and outside the industry, jointly discussing issues and sharing experiences will help break industry barriers.

Ni Meng, Co-founder, RINO

RINO animated gif

Cloud Infrastructure and Data Security in the Age of AIoT

The rapid growth of AI, IoT, and AR/VR bring data security and privacy challenges. Ek Goh, VP and GM at Oracle ASEAN, emphasizes the importance of data security in the current digital era and believes that enterprises need to strengthen data protection measures.

Oracle is in a unique position to enhance IoT data security with the ability to deploy servers globally, ensure user privacy security, and enable blockchain technology and encryption algorithms. And by closely integrating the platform concept with business, enterprises can better understand customer needs, optimize operational efficiency, and provide safe and personalized services.

Ek Goh, VP & GM ASEAN, Oracle


Photo Realistic Avatars in the Metaverse Era

Human and machine interfaces coupled with real-time rendering blur the line between reality and virtual reality. VR use cases such as constructional visualization have progressed into architectural construction that gives the realistic experience of a building and its every dimension.

Image-based and video-based realistic avatars or digital humans are set to redefine immersive retail, gaming, and smart living industries with enhanced visuals and an experience closer to reality.

YC (Song Yan) Cai, CEO, YCVR


Technology for Smarter Living

AIoT is intertwined with our lives at work, and it is now simplifying life outside work with smart and secure homes, healthcare, and driving. In addition to general home security, vision AI- embedded systems are transforming our day-to-day lives with advanced security and assistance in daily life.

The feasibility of in-built algorithms and storage in edge computing process the necessary data for AIoT devices. Home, urban living, education, and driving devices such as face detection sensors, door cameras, parcel cameras, and object detection onboard cameras provide an extra layer of security.

With AI-based technologies and local storage to let you spend less time worrying and more time enjoying every moment with your loved one.

Joe Tham, VP of International Sales, Simshine


Making Interoperable AIoT Systems a Reality

IoT interoperability enables devices to engage and exchange with other devices or applications. According to McKinsey, interoperability between IoT systems is crucial, and today, more than 40% of devices need it, and 60% of devices need it at some level. The IoT interoperability layer works like a toolbox full of legal modules and develops new and unique substrates for your IoT product.

Edgenesis industrial edge, a production-grade, protocol and vendor agnostic driver, help different pods, infra services, AI or applications interact seamlessly, making intelligent connectivity, scheduling, and high availability a possibility.

Yongli Chen, Founder and CEO, Edgenesis


Roundtable: Real-Time Innovation for Interaction between People and Devices

After insightful presentations, senior leaders from Agora, RINO, YCVR, Simshine, and Edgenesis engaged in a thought-provoking roundtable session. The discussions delved into crucial topics, including data privacy security, IoT industry development, corporate response strategies, and navigating market challenges and opportunities.

The dialogue then shifted towards fostering positive competition among global IoT companies, emphasizing the importance of a supportive attitude for the development and cooperation of AIoT.

“Cooperation at the heart of research and development between enterprises is the guiding force that empowers technological and social progress.

The global IoT market has huge potential and numerous possibilities, whether at the technical or application levels. This reminds us to pay attention to the accompanying challenges such as data security and privacy protection, user experience, and actively seek solutions,” remarked the speakers collectively.


The curated ‘AIoT 2023 – Connect, Engage and Entertain’ event, featuring global leaders, sheds light on the impact of AIoT and AR/VR on connectivity and the innovations that help humans to form meaningful connections.

It showcases Agora’s vision to connect the world’s most innovative tools, technologies and services seamlessly for a redefined engagement and entertainment of the customer experience.

“Connect, Engage, Entertain”— Agora’s Vision for Seamless Connectivity and Customer Empowerment:

CONNECT“. The global IoT ecosystem needs a robust platform for connecting devices, services, and applications securely at an unprecedented scale.

ENGAGE“. Global IoT system needs many services that empower businesses to engage with their customers innovatively.

ENTERTAIN“. Entertainment is a crucial aspect of our lives in a world driven by digital content. The global IoT ecosystem needs to create immersive, interactive, and engaging entertainment experiences.

Watch the complete event on demand here:
AIoT – Connect, Engage, Entertain