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Gen Z Interest in Real-Time Engagement Soars featured

Agora Survey: Gen Z Interest in Real-Time Engagement Soars

By Author: Team Agora In Business

Agora has released brand-new research on Gen Z preferences for real-time engagement technologies.

Real-time engagement (RTE) refers to digital experiences that are interactive, collaborative and shared, through technology like live video, live audio and extended reality (AR and VR). People increasingly want RTE video or audio features in the apps they use. For example, students in an education app want to see classmates; users in a dating app want to see potential partners, and buyers in a shopping app want to talk to sellers.

With that in mind, Agora commissioned a survey of over 1,000 US-based Gen Z respondents in August 2021 to understand the group’s demand and preferences for RTE technology.

Key findings include

Gen Z is Flocking to Interactive Video — Over the last year, nearly 90% (87%) say they are using more mobile apps with built-in interactive live video streaming or video calling features.

Gen Z Interest in Real-Time Engagement Soars screenshot 1

More Than Half Have Tried Interactive Live Audio Streaming — 62% have tried interactive live audio streaming apps, capturing growing popularity for these new services.

Gen Z Interest in Real-Time Engagement Soars screenshot 2

Interactive Video & Audio in Gaming Apps is Key — When asked if interactive video or audio were important for their gaming apps, nearly 70% (69%) agreed.

Gen Z Interest in Real-Time Engagement Soars screenshot 3

Enhancing Shopping with Extended Reality — 70% said they would prefer retailers to offer AR and VR tech in their apps to test and try products at home before buying.

Gen Z Interest in Real-Time Engagement Soars screenshot 4

Front-Facing Filters Still Essential — When asked if front-facing AR filters are key to keeping them interested in a social media app or service, 63% said “yes.”

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Gen Z is particularly savvy and forward-thinking about their experience in apps and services. What these data points show is that they want RTE technology and features integrated across the platforms they use.

Agora is releasing this data ahead of its flagship RTE2021 conference, which is set for Wednesday, September 1st and Thursday, September 2nd. The event — free and held virtually — will bring together leading global voices to discuss innovations in video, voice and streaming during a time where it is more important than ever. RTE2021 is the world’s largest event exploring real-time engagement (RTE) technologies.

At RTE2021, those in attendance will have the opportunity to hear from innovators — industry experts, entrepreneurs, business owners, and technologists — as they share their expertise and insights on connecting the global community. Speakers at companies including Google, HP, HTC VIVE, Bose, TribeXR, and Agora will deliver cutting-edge insights into the future of work, gaming, VR, telemedicine and much more.

For more information about RTE2021, and to register, visit here.