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Agora Releases Unity SDK V3.0.1 Featured

Agora Releases Unity SDK V3.0.1

By Author: Rick Cheng In Product

Agora Video SDK 3.0.1 for Unity released on September 18th, 2020.

The Unity SDK is powered by the native SDK 3.0.1. Please refer to this blog for the exciting new features and changes.

Highlights for Unity Developers


Although the native and the Unity SDK are based on the same major version, there are minor details differences.

Video Fill Mode: This feature does not apply to Unity. Please continue to use the best Unity programming practices on how to fill the display views.

Geo-Fencing: This release adds GetEngine2 for specifying the area of connection when creating an IRtcEngine instance. This advanced feature applies to scenarios that have regional restrictions i.e., if you have a requirement that prohibits your network traffic to go through certain countries or regions. Area choices include North America, Europe, Mainland China, Asia (excluding Mainland China), and global (default).

iOS 14 Local Network Permission: iOS 14 was released on September 16th. Apps now trigger a prompt the first time they try to interact with the local network. Until permission is granted, all local network communication is blocked. In some cases, this prompt deters user from calling others. Agora addresses this issue and makes sure the user experience is not affected poorly.


There are lots of improvements over the previous release. We made sure to listen to the developer’s feedback. Here are a few fixes to some of the Unity only issues:

Screen Sharing – UWP windows: Universal Windows Platform Application windows behaves differently from native 64bit or 32bit windows. The earlier version of the Agora SDK does not support this. With this release, the UWP application windows such as Google Chrome can be shared.

RGBA Pixel Format: In previous versions, when setting up an external frame push, BRGA is the pixel format to use. It works fine when both clients are Unity Applications. However, it does not work well with Unity and Web cross-platforms. With the RGBA format, the stream sent between the two sides are now 100% compatible.

Transcoding: The previous bug in assigning transcoding user has been fixed. Users can now start a transcoding session to stream the video feed to CDNs.

Build Settings: The Post Process build script can now fill in default values for Camera and Microphone usage for macOS and iOS builds. This improvement helps developers avoid crashes on Macs or iPhones due to privacy requirements, in case this part of the build steps are forgotten. The build script also helps iOS set up embedded framework so there is no manual step to handle the dynamic library differently.

Upgrading Notes:

  1. It is recommended that users delete the entire AgoraEngine folder from the existing project BEFORE importing version 3.0.1.
  2. A compilation error may occur due to this change: Enum type CLIENT_ROLE changed to CLIENT_ROLE_TYPE. Enum name BROADCASTER and AUDIENCE changed to CLIENT_ROLE_BROADCASTER and CLIENT_ROLE_AUDIENCE.

To learn more about the great features included in V3.0.1, check out the full release notes for more details.