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Agora Releases Native SDK v3.4.0 featured

Agora Releases Native SDK v3.4.0

By Author: Max Cobb In Business, Developer

Voice and Video SDK v3.4.0 now available for on all major mobile and desktop platforms. See what’s new below!

Agora Native SDK 3.4.0 was released on April 16, 2021

New Features

Virtual Metronome

Great for online music teaching or matching the beat with Karaoke. You can configure the digital metronome to the right pace for you.

Control Audio Effect Files

Control properties such as the effect position and start position of audio effect files. The previous method for playing audio effects has an extra parameter, startPos, which is required.

Degradation Preference

When you have limited bandwidth, Agora RTC Engine takes steps to maintain your connection to the call, including by either decreasing frame rate or number of pixels in the frames that come in. With degradationPreference you can now choose which one of those to prioritise.

Audio Mixing

When starting audio mixing, you can specify the start position of the audio file. This update also lets you get the duration of a local audio file before playing it.

Audio Recording Config

Instead of passing multiple parameters into startAudioRecording, you now apply an object of type AgoraAudioRecordingConfiguration, which contains all the information needed.

Those are just a handful of the new features to the SDK in 3.4.0. To see the full release notes for the native platform you’re using, check out one of the following links: iOSAndroidmacOS and Windows. Head to Agora’s downloads page to get the latest SDK now.