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Agora Release React Native SDK v3.5.2 featured

Agora Release React Native SDK v3.5.2

By Author: Ekaansh Arora In Developer

React Native Video SDK v3.5.2 is now available, see what’s new below!

Agora React Native SDK 3.5.2 was released on January 29, 2022.

New Features

Video snapshot

This release let’s users take a snapshot of a video stream from a specified user, generating a JPG image, and saving it to the specified path.

Super resolution (beta)

Effectively boost the resolution of a remote user’s video seen by the local user, this release adds support for the super resolution feature.

Background blurring

Adding to the virtual background effects, this release adds support for setting background blur when a user enables the virtual background function.

This release also adds new features to cross-channel media stream relay and advanced audio playback.


Testing audio call loop

To check whether the local audio device and network conditions can guarantee the proper sending and receiving of audio streams as well as to secure the test, this release let’s you test whether the loop of a user’s audio devices and network conditions are working properly.

Identification and quality testing for 5G mobile networks

This release adds identification and connection quality testing for 5G mobile networks.

Adapting OpenSL

This release adapts OpenSL to reduce the audio delay. It also adds a blacklist to disable OpenSL and enable Java adm on some devices that do not support OpenSL in order to improve the stability of audio functions.

Performance improvements

This release slightly reduces CPU usage in video scenarios by optimizing the FEC (Forward Error Correction) codec.

Experience improvements

This release improves video sharpness and smoothness under poor network conditions by optimizing the congestion control algorithm.

This release also adds continuous optimization of the portrait edge effect of the virtual background and after enabling deep-learning noise reduction, the audio experience is improved when using some Bluetooth headsets.

Bug Fixes

  • The video bitrate failed to climb when a user joined a channel in poor network conditions with high packet loss.
  • The video sharpness and smoothness degraded significantly due to a cliff-like drop in video bitrate under certain poor network conditions.
  • Remote users heard slightly unsynchronized voice and music when a user called startAudioMixing on some Android devices.
  • In the GameStreaming scenario, occasional echo or noise that was caused by inaccurate music detection occurred.
  • The local user occasionally saw the remote user with a short black screen after the remote user toggled video within a few seconds.
  • Crashes occasionally occurred in audio scenarios.
  • When the host used a specific low-end device under certain circumstances, the audience watching the host’s video occasionally experienced lag.
  • Under certain circumstances, when the sender used certain Xiaomi or Redmi devices, the receiver occasionally saw a mosaic square on the received video.
  • Updating the transcoding layout in CDN live streaming occasionally failed under certain circumstances. (Android)
  • When using an app integrated with the SDK for real-time communication, if a user answered a system call and returned to the app, the audio route of the SDK changed. (Android)
  • When a Bluetooth headset and a wired headset were connected to the audio playback device at the same time, the SDK did not trigger AudioRouteChanged after plugging and unplugging the wired headset multiple times. (Android)

These are just a handful of the updates to the React Native SDK in v3.5.2. To see the full release notes for the native platform you’re using, check out the following link. You can find the latest release on NPM.