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With this release of v2.2, there are some cool additions we think you’ll like. Read on to learn about the newest features.

Bitcode Support

For iOS developers, we have added support for Bitcode to enable App optimization and thinning by the App Store. This has been one of the top asks from our game developers — you told us this will help decrease the app size, which goes a long way in getting users to download your app. We are super excited to announce this is now available in 2.2!

Audio effect now plays locally

Within a video or voice call, your user may choose to add a sound effect, and until now, only the receiver heard the sound effect. With this update to playEffect, both the sender of the sound effect and the receiver can hear and enjoy it.

Why this will improve user experience:

Enabling sound effects to both the sender and receiver channels amps up the enjoyment for both parties, increasing engagement and likely extending call time.

Deploy the proxy at the server

This will be especially interesting to our enterprise developers — Now you can deploy a proxy server to enable use with corporate firewalls. We have been hearing requests from many of our corporate users for this feature, so we’re really happy to make this happen!

Why this will improve your experience:

If your users are behind a corporate firewall, you can now add Agora’s SDK to your application to enable video and voice communication while maintaining the secure environment.

Get remove video status

Get the status of a remote video stream with the new method remoteVideoStateChangedOfUid.

Why this will improve your experience:

You can now programmatically identify whether the remote user’s video is frozen or running. This will allow you to take appropriate in-app actions to improve the user experience.

Add watermarks to streaming video

You can now add, remove or update a watermark in a live or CDN hosted video stream. This includes adding a few new APIs addVideoWatermark and clearVideoWatermarks as well as adding a new parameter watermark in the existing LiveTranscoding API.

Why this will improve your experience:

Adding a watermark has been frequently requested so we wanted to make sure this was available as soon as possible. This new feature allows you to brand your streams and videos, as well as enabling your app users to brand their own streams and videos if you choose to make this service available.

Improvements for Overall Functionality

In addition to these new features, you’ll see improvements in acoustics and network quality.

1. We’ve improved the enableAudioVolumeIndication function by returning the volume at set intervals, even if users are not currently speaking.

2. We’ve also improved the user’s ability to see network quality in a particular channel by updating the data accuracy for onNetworkQuality.

3. With updates to onLastmileQuality, the user can now get a better idea of whether or not their network quality is high enough to support video/voice calls. If network status is unknown, the callback is still triggered at 2 second intervals. However, if it is known, the bitrate is set by the customer by constant bitrate monitoring.

4. High-fidelity music is now possible in music streaming scenarios if you set the scenario parameter, AgoraAudioScenarioGameStreaming equal to 3 in the setAudioProfile API.

Bug Fixes

  • There were occasional screen display abnormalities when the iOS device set the video in the landscape mode. This has been addressed and fixed.
  • Likewise, we fixed the occasional screen display abnormalities that occurred when a large number of people joined a host in the live-broadcast channel.
  • Finally, the occasional echo issues seen for some iOS devices has been removed.

This is just a small taste of this version’s additions and improvements. To see more great features for v2.2, check out the OS-specific release notes:

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