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Agora AWE 2021 Recap featured

Agora AWE 2021 Recap

By Author: Team Agora In Business

The 2021 Augmented World Expo conference marked the return to an in-person event, and it didn’t disappoint, with approximately 3,000 attendees and 200 exhibitors on hand. AWE featured threes days of speakers and panels as well as two days of booth exhibitions from industry leaders. This year’s event took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center just down the street from Agora’s HQ.

Agora and HTC shared a booth as part of their recent partnership. The Agora team had a great time meeting everyone and speaking with developers and teams from across the XR industry.

Agora AWE 2021 Recap 1

Agora’s RTE platform and suite of products resonated with everyone visiting the booth, with interest coming from teams working on projects across all industries. Agora’s technology is the missing piece for many teams building interactive, real-time AR/VR experiences. Agora gives developers the ability to connect users across the metaverse, regardless of platform or device.

Speakers and Panels

With over 200 speakers at this year’s AWE, there was a session for everyone! And it was awesome to see that over 60 percent of the speakers were female this year. Agora’s own Hermes participated in the panel discussion “XR Tools That Rule: Building Community in the Social Metaverse,” which was hosted by Navah Berg — Social Media and featured speakers Ruth Diaz, Vivian Chazen, and Deirdre V. Lyons.

Check out some of the amazing photos from Michael O’Donnell.

Agora and HTC

For this year’s AWE, Agora shared a booth with the HTC Vive team to showcase the recent partnership along with some of the ways Agora and HTC are pioneering social and work interactions in virtual reality.

Agora AWE 2021 Recap 2

Together with the HTC, the Agora team held demos of the Vive Sync application, which has Agora-powered features. HTC Vive Sync uses Agora’s real-time SDKs power Vive Sync’s Remote Desktop feature, which enables users to bring their desktop into VR.

Agora AWE 2021 Recap 3

Virtual Training Demo

The Agora DevRel team debuted their latest VR training demo, showing how to connect users in a VR training environment and allowing non-VR users to join the same session, interact with the VR users, and control the VR scene.

Agora AWE 2021 Recap 4
Agora AWE 2021 Recap 5
Agora AWE 2021 Recap 6

Going Paperless

In an effort to reduce paper waste, instead of distributing printed flyers Agora’s team provided a QR code for all handout materials. Anyone visiting the booth could scan the code and quickly link out to learn more about Agora. Give it a try by scanning the QR code below.

Agora AWE 2021 Recap 7

Thanks for Visiting!

The Agora and HTC teams had a blast at this year’s AWE, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next event!

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