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Synervoz featured

Synervoz is a Toronto-based software development company focused on voice, audio, VoIP, and entertainment. We design, develop, and co-create apps that allow people to hang out together online, especially while listening to music, watching videos, playing games, and working remotely. We offer white label apps, SDKs, and custom development services. We are a team of 10 engineers and counting.

Customers include well established brands like Bose and Unity, as well as cutting edge startups building the future of online hangouts.

If you have a project with complex audio challenges including noise, echo, mixing audio streams and masking between them, cross platform issues, Bluetooth devices, positional / 3D audio, mobile device limitations, browser limitations, among other issues, we can help.

Synervoz Communications Inc.

Synervoz Voice FX

Voice effects can be applied in real time for a variety of purposes. For example, the echo and reverb effects can be used to make it sound like a user is inside a room or hallway; the pitch shifter can be used to mask a user’s voice; and the flanger can be used to add a cool effect (i.e. a slightly delayed duplicate) while singing. Each voice effect (Echo, Reverb, Pitch Shift, Flanger) has parameters that can be modified to create the desired effect. In addition, sliders can be utilized to hear the impact of each parameter in real time. This can be used to fine tune the output for a particular use case or to teach end users about how each of the effects work. More effects and extension features are planned.

Extensions Integrations Overview

Integrating the Synervoz Voice FX filter is super simple, and can be added to your iOS and Android project in minutes. It is especially easy when using the sample code. When integrated, it is easy to turn each voice effect on and off (echo, reverb, flanger, pitch shift), as well as to enable or disable the entire extension. Moreover, the voice effects are based upon a powerful audio engine that can be used to do so much more. Keep your eyes peeled for more features and functionality coming soon.

Extension Features Overview

Current effects include echo, reverb, flanger, and pitch shift. Each of these has parameters that can be tweaked in real time.