Skip to content logo is a Conversation Intelligence (CI) platform for developers to build and extend applications capable of understanding natural human conversations at scale. Our comprehensive suite of products and APis enable developers to easily build and deploy intelligent speech-to-text functionality, extract contextual insights, generate domain-specific insights and intelligence, and access advanced conversation analytics. Conversation Intelligence

This extension allows you to embed real-time conversation intelligence into your mobile application providing contextual analysis of the conversation data along with speech recognition without any upfront data training requirements. It provides you the following out-of-the-box conversation intelligence capabilities:

  1. Transcription Plus: Speech-to-Text capabilities converting speech from a live audio stream into text for each speaker in the meeting.
  2. Contextual Insights:
    • Action Item: An action item is a specific outcome recognized in the conversation that requires one or more people in the conversation to act on it in the future.
    • Follow-up: This is a category of Action Items with a connotation to follow up a request or a task (e.g. sending an email or making a phone call or booking an appointment or setting up a meeting).
    • Questions: Explicit question or request for information that comes up during the conversation, whether answered or not, is recognized as a question.
  3. Conversation Topics: The most relevant topics of the discussion from the conversation that is generated based on the combination of the overall scope of the discussion.
  4. Sentiment Analysis: Sentiment analysis over each Topic that is being discussed in the conversation.
  5. Custom Trackers: Trackers (custom business intents) allow you to track the occurrence of certain keywords or phrases in a conversation so you can identify emerging trends and gauge the nature of interactions. You can define keywords or phrases in a Tracker and Symbl will return messages that contain the same or contextually relevant phrases.
  6. Speaker Analytics: Provides you with functionality such as finding the speaker ratio, talk time, silence, pace, and overlap in a conversation.

There are several additional capabilities that can be added to your application. For more information, please visit theSymbl documentation.