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Banuba AR Face Filter

Add augmented reality features to video calls such as face filters, virtual backgrounds and avatars.

Company: Banuba

Platform: Web,iOS,Android


The extension provides face filters, beautification, makeup try on and virtual backgrounds which can all be embedded within a mobile or web app. It creates an engaging user experience that works even on low-end devices.

Use Cases:

Live short video: Meets the real-time beautification needs of online live broadcasts, video calls and other scenarios.
Multi-person meetings: Provides a fun and private meeting experience for those working remotely.


1. Build fun, engaging and private video communication experience.
2. Boost user engagement and satisfaction by introducing face animation options.
3. Increase call acceptance rate and motivate users to communicate comfortably with video adding beautification.
4. Bring privacy with virtual backgrounds.
5. Retain users with regularly updated AR content and interactive features.