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Banuba is an artificial intelligence lab specializing in augmented reality SDK development. It provides face filters, beautification, makeup try on and virtual backgrounds which can all be embedded within a mobile or web app. We help brands and developers connect with clients and users through ultra-immersive augmented reality apps and experiences. Our Face AR software is much more than a simple SDK. It gives developers access to innovative libraries and content creation tools, letting them integrate AR experiences into products.

Key Technology

  1. Face detection and tracking
  2. Face AR animation and 3D graphic design
  3. AI image and video processing
  4. Background segmentation


  1. Face Filters & AR Lens
  2. Beautification
  3. Makeup Try-On
  4. Background removal



The extension creates an engaging user experience that works even on low-end devices. It widens the pool of potential users and ensures anyone can take advantage of the experience.

Extension Benefits:

  1. Build fun, engaging and private video communication experience.
  2. Boost user engagement and satisfaction by introducing face animation options.
  3. Increase call acceptance rate and motivate users to communicate comfortably with video adding beautification.
  4. Bring privacy with virtual backgrounds.
  5. Retain users with regularly updated AR content and interactive features.

All extension features are based on our proprietary face detection and tracking technology. It’s capable to detect several faces and augment them simultaneously for an immersive group chat experience.

  1. Allow users to overlay AR animation onto their faces during a video chat on a desktop, mobile device or web interface.
  2. Enhance the video experience with real-time beautification. It adds skin smoothing, teeth whitening and face morphing all in one filter.
  3. Let users change backgrounds during a video call making communication private and fun.

We provide a powerful 3D renderer that ensures realistic effect representation. For the cases when you need production-ready effects, you can license them from our AssetStore. It offers over 600 high-quality masks tested on real users and optimized for best performance, helping you save time and costs on developing your content.

Extension Features Overview:

  1. Face Filtersthat allow users to overlay AR objects and animation onto their faces during a video call on the web, mobile device, or desktop interface. Video face filters add real-time engagement and could serve as a monetization strategy for businesses looking to add this feature.
  2. Beauty ARenables real-time face enhancement during a video call or live streaming. It includes skin smoothing, teeth whitening, face morphing, and other beautification options to improve the quality of camera presenting and add more comfort to users.
  3. Virtual Backgroundscan be customized and changed in real-time during a video call. As people continue to work remotely, these backgrounds can allow them to have a sense of privacy or express themselves in a serious, fun, or casual mood.