Drastically Simplify the Recruiting Process

A globalized workforce complicates the hiring process, as candidates may work remotely or apply for jobs outside their location. Web-based, video interviews are an effective way of screening candidates. The Agora.io video SDK allows simple integration of secure video conferencing into your company’s platform.


  • Save time and resources by utilizing video conferencing to eliminate travel logistics
  • Make better hires by screening candidates with personal video conversations
  • Reduce time-to-hire and stay ahead of competition by quickly hiring top talent

Use Case

Online interview

Video interviewing completely eliminates transportation costs by allowing you to meet candidates face-to-face virtually, anywhere, at any time.

Candidates Screening

All candidates are asked the same set of questions during the video interviews. Hiring managers have the opportunity to replay, review, and rate the interviews so they can compare candidates without having to remember who said what or review their notes.

Video Resumes

Allowing applicants to submit brief video introductions provides your recruiters with another tool to efficiently screen candidates.

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