Telemedicine Technology

Eliminate the Geographic Barriers Associate with Healthcare Services

Telemedicine technology presents a cost-effective and scalable way to deal with the growing demand for healthcare services. By 2018, patients using telemedicine services will climb to over seven million. Agora’s telemedicine technology API/SDKs provides healthcare professionals real-time, secure, and private access to patients, regardless of geographic location.


  • Shave consultation costs
  • Increase quality and ease of healthcare
  • Improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals
  • Safely share important data over secure, HIPPA-compliant voice and video lines
  • Guarantee security while transferring private, vital data

Telemedicine Technology Use Cases

Online Diagnosis & Consultation

Agora’s real-time telemedicine technology provides medical specialists a secure connection to patients. Virtual office visits and online diagnosis eliminates geographic barriers and significantly cuts costs.

Internal Communication

Agora’s telemedicine technology easily facilitates internal communication between healthcare staff, while protecting patients’ privacy. This ease in communication eliminates the need for in-person meetings of traveling and rotating doctors.

Online Veterinary

Agora’s high-quality, video conferencing also eliminates the geographic boundaries within the animal healthcare space, as well. Pet owners can receive virtual diagnosis and consultation while keeping animal stress levels to a minimum.

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