Puts “Social” Back into Gaming

Hosting a large number of simultaneous players is a daunting challenge, let alone enabling real-time voice and video interaction among players.


The SDK simplifies the integration of  real-time voice and video calls into your gaming platform and puts real-time social interaction back into multi-player games.


  • Enable real-time social interaction across every device and operating system
  • Allow up to 2,000 gamers to communicate in one game simultaneously
  • Increase your game’s social interaction and capability while reducing bandwidth costs
  • Process player actions within a few hundred milliseconds with low latency

Use Cases

Real-Time Multiplayer

Use Agora’s voice and video SDK to connect multiple players in a single game session. Agora handles all communication technology, which frees you up to focus on game development completely.

Social Virality

Improve your game’s virality with real-time social interaction via video and voice.

Online Gambling

Provide real-time video streams that enhance poker games with visual cues between opponents


Breathe life into multiplayer, strategy and fighting games with real-time, video and voice interaction.

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