With apps like Periscope and Meerkat users now have higher expectations of real-time social media. Video engagement within new social apps is a necessity for viral success. The Agora.io SDK allows easy integration of one-to-one video, group video, and in-app calling.

  • Provide safe and secure real-time communication
  • Increase the virality of your social platform with Big Group Calls (BGCs) of up to 2,000 people in a single call
  • Increase your platform’s social interaction and capability while reducing bandwidth costs

Use Cases

Big Group Call

Agora’s Big Group Call feature (BGCs), supports up to 2,000 users in a single call. No matter where or when, or with any device, Agora helps your social platform re-kindle friendships and reconnect to colleagues, effortlessly.

One-on-one live chat

With Agora’s HD-quality, communication platform integrated into your product software, your end-users will be able to call each other anytime and anywhere, through all devices including mobile and PC.

Anonymous Calling

Agora’s anonymous call feature is particularly useful when users have no desire to exchange personal contact information. This feature may be used for one-time business interactions, service calls, or online dating.

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